April 27, 2021

Daily Joke: A Policeman Came Home from Work Really Late One Morning

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A policeman scheduled for the night shift was relieved of duty early. When he got home, the policeman's wife requested something from the drugstore, and he discovered something in the process. 

 A police officer was relieved of duty early, and instead of heading home at 6 AM, he was able to head home four hours earlier at 2 AM. His wife was already sleeping when he got home, and he didn't want to wake her.  

Just as he was about to lie down, his wife sat up and said: "Mark, love, would you please go to the all-night drug store a block away to buy some aspirin? I've got a bad headache." He agreed right away, feeling his way through the room to pick up his clothes. 


A fully kitted police officer | Photo: Pexels

Although he couldn't see what he was putting on, he figured it was correct as he found different articles of clothing on the floor. Once he got dressed, he walked to the drug store.

When he entered, the pharmacist looked at him puzzled for a second before she said, "Hey, I know you. Aren't you a police officer? Officer Gray, right?" 


He nodded in agreement, starting to get confused as well. The officer proceeded to ask the pharmacist what the matter was.  She responded, saying:


"Well, why on Earth are you dressed like the Fire Chief?" 

Police officers encounter different types of people daily. One officer had to stop a blonde who was speeding on the freeway as she exceeded the speed limit. It turns out she wasn't supposed to be on the road at all. 


When she finally pulled over, the officer walked towards her side. When he tapped her door, the blonde driver rolled down the window and asked him what the matter was.

The police asked for her driver's license as part of the protocol, explaining that she went way beyond the speed limit. Irritated, the woman responded: "I wish you guys would stop messing with me! Yesterday, you took away my license, and now, you want me to show it to you?"

Source: JokeOfTheDay