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Florida Mom of 4 Who Worked In a Hotel Found Dead by Her Husband in a Room She Cleaned

Dayna Remus
Apr 27, 2021
12:30 P.M.
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Stephen Havrilka is being charged with murder in the second degree after video evidence was found that could implicate him in the gruesome death of Tina Strader. 


A Florida mom of four children, Tina Strader, was found dead by her husband, Gerald Strader. He came across her body in the hotel she worked at, specifically in a room that she cleaned.

Gerald took to social media to express and share his grief with his online connections. Posting on Facebook, he shared stunning pictures of his wife, writing about her passing away. 

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Tina was floating on the pool water in the Facebook pictures, looking incredibly relaxed and without a care in the world. Writing on the post, Gerald stated

"At 5:55 P.M. April 20, 2021 My entire world Tina Strader passed away."

He spoke about her death, outlining what he deemed a lunatic of an individual strangling her until she died. He also expressed his anguish over the fact that his wife and mother had both recently passed. 



A plethora of individuals gushed into the post sending their love and condolences to Gerald. The post received much heart and care emojis, resulting in 148 reactions in total.

Stephen Havrilka, 30, has been labeled as the main suspect in the homicide.

Many of the commentators offered prayers for him. Others expressed outrage over the incident, saying the incident should never have occurred in the first place.



Gerald became suspicious when his wife didn't text him back for a while. He thought they had moved her to one of the different floors because they were shorthanded, so he checked the areas there, continuing to say:

"I went and checked all those places and nobody had seen her, nobody had heard from her, nothing."

He walked past the door she usually worked in, which was meant to be open, but assumed she was somewhere else due to the hotel not having enough staff. Eventually, he walked in to find her dead. 



Following this, a call was made to the local Sherrif's office reporting an unconscious woman. Tina was then taken to the hospital but eventually passed away after having sustained many wounds from fighting. 

Stephen Havrilka, 30, has been labeled as the main suspect in the homicide of Tina after detectives found implicating video surveillance footage. He already has a long record, including 19 felony convictions.

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Sadly, it appears that homicide isn't all too rare. At the beginning of this month Kane Roush, a football star, was identified as a victim of a homicide in South Carolina. 

After he was shot, the 25-year-old managed to crawl to his neighbor's house, asking for assistance. The neighbors called the cops, but Roush died at the scene once the police arrived. 


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