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Daily Joke: A Doctor Is Eating a Late Lunch at His Favorite Chinese Restaurant

Gracious Egedegbe
May 01, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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In the midst of his late lunch at his favorite Chinese restaurant, a doctor heard a voice asking if there were any medical personnel in the building. 


A doctor enjoying a late lunch meal at a Chinese restaurant heard someone ask if there was a doctor was in the building. He went to the back of the building and saw the manager and a patron, who looked pale and shaky. 

The manager explained to the doctor that two people were down with a certain sickness, including a lady and another man in the bathroom. 

A photo of a doctor talking to a male patient. | Photo: Shutterstock


The doctor asked the lady how she felt, and she replied that she was nauseous. She also revealed she threw up her whole meal and still felt sick and lightheaded. 

The doctor suspected it to be a case of food poisoning and asked her what she ate. The woman said she ate the chicken lo mein, number 9, and some dumplings. 

Soon after, other guests came out of the bathroom. The doctor asked one of them what he ate, and he replied he had egg rolls and chicken lo mein. 


When a third patron entered the bathroom, the doctor requested the other two to sit down and asked how many people ordered the same meal. The manager counted up the orders and arrived at seven. 

The sick patrons were getting worse and scared that they may have contracted a strange disease. The doctor ordered the manager to call an ambulance and get the other patrons out to spread the sick customers out and treat them. 

However, the manager refused, saying he could not kick everyone out because the restaurant needed money as it owed huge debts resulting from being shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The doctor realized he wouldn't get far by asking everyone to leave. He remembered that the rest of the building was occupied by a hotel and rushed to the hotel to ask if a spare room was available. 

However, the hotel's front desk clerk was uncooperative and said only the conference room was available but could not be used because it was booked for 4 pm. 


The manager came up behind the doctor and told him an ambulance was on its way. He added that five of the people who ate the same meal were showing symptoms while two were fine. 

The doctor begged the clerk again, asking for a space to put the sick people from the restaurant until the ambulance arrives. The clerk asked him when he needed the room, and he replied that he needed it immediately. 


The clerk asked for the duration, and the doctor replied that he needed the space for two hours at most. Again, the clerk asked why he needed the space. 

At this point, the doctor was exasperated and said, "Now listen carefully, because I'm not going to repeat myself again. I need the room from 1 to 3 for five sick, seven ate 9!"

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