Mom and Newborn Baby Dead, 3 Others Injured after Shooting in Virginia

Dayna Remus
Apr 29, 2021
11:10 P.M.
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In what Richmond police chief Gerald Smith called "a heinous act," three suspects were arrested regarding a shooting in Virginia that took lives and left others injured. 


A mother and newborn baby died while three were injured following a shooting in Virginia. This occurred after officers were sent at 6:30 pm on April 27 to the Belt Atlantic Apartments due to a shooting. 

During the early hours of the morning on April 28, reports revealed that the shooting was still occurring. At this point, it was also revealed that five females of different ages were shot. 

Police officers standing with gear and weapons. | Source: shutterstock



About an hour later, it was reported that there was a lot of activity at the scene of the shooting, with many police officers at present. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney said in a statement: 

"These tragedies happen far too many times in our city."

He continued, stating the investigation is still in motion. On top of that, he asked that the community please contact the local police department if they know anything connected to the incident. 



It was just past 11:00 on April 28 when reports came in, stating that the police had found three suspects. They arrested these three men for conspiracy to commit murder. 

The mother's name was Sharnez Hill, 30 years of age, and a newborn, Neziah, 3 months old. 

The suspects were identified as Donald Hemmings (22), Shamondrick Perry, (19) and Shyheem Martin (23). However, officers believe there could still be more suspects on the loose. 



The mayor once again spoke out on the incident, citing it as a perfect example of the type of gun violence that the city needs to get rid of. In his own words, he expressed

“First I just have to believe we have to value life more. We have to value life more especially when it comes to our precious children as well.”

The police also have cause to believe that the shooting was a targeted one. Police chief Gerald Smith commented on the incident describing it as "a heinous act that baffles the mind."



Police described the area where the victims were shot as an area full of children. The apartment where the shooting happened is located across the road from a high school. 

Pictures were eventually released of the mother and child who were fatally shot. The mother's name was Sharnez Hill,30 years of age, and a newborn, Neziah, 3 months old. 


Former Navy Seal Clint Emerson has shared a few tips on how to survive a shooting. It is first important to figure out where the shooting is based without letting the opposing directions of soundwaves cause confusion. 

Then one should run in the opposite direction in a zig-zag form to any emergency escape they know. On top of this, he advised not to run with the herd and run from cover to cover. 

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