Daily Joke: Man Gets a Surprise from His Wife after Getting Drunk At a Party the Night Before

Rebelander Basilan
May 09, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Following the party at his company, Christopher arose with a terrible hangover the next day. He wasn't accustomed to drinking, but the drinks tasted nothing like alcohol at all.


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The worst part was that Christopher couldn't remember how he got home. Apart from feeling awful that morning, he was also frightened by the thought that he probably did something wrong while drunk.

Christopher forcefully opened his eyes. One of the first things he saw was a couple of painkillers along with a water glass on the side table. Then, next to them, there was a single red rose.

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Standing up, Christopher saw his clean and pressed clothes in front of him. When he examined the room, he discovered that everything was in perfect order, and it was exceptionally clean.

After he left the bedroom, Christopher noticed the whole house was equally clean and organized. In the bathroom mirror, he cringed when he saw a huge black eye that looked back at him.

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Christopher then discovered a note written in red with a kiss mark tacked to the mirror. The letter was from his wife Sheila, who he married in November 2010. He picked it up and read it:

"Breakfast's on the stove. I went to the grocery store early to prepare your favorite dinner for tonight. I love you, honey!"

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A moment later, Christopher found himself in the kitchen. The hot breakfast was real. Among the other things waiting for him were a steaming hot cup of coffee and the morning paper. 

Also at the table was his six-year-old son, Kevin. Christopher asked, "What happened last night, son? Nothing pops into my head. Our company party turned me into a drunken mess!"

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In response, Kevin revealed that Christopher had arrived home drunk and out of his mind. The adorable little boy added that he saw his father fall over the coffee table and break it. 

Christopher then asked his son about the black eye he had. Kevin laughed before explaining that he puked in the hallway and ran into the door, and sustained a black eye. 

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Christopher's head was still filled with confusion. He asked why everything was so neatly arranged and so clean. Moreover, he was also interested in the breakfast on the table that was prepared for him.

To which Kevin replied, "You can't walk anymore, so Mommy dragged you into the bedroom. After that, I heard you screaming, 'Leave me alone! I'm married!" as she attempted to take off your pants.'"

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