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CCTV Footage Caught 9-Year-Old Taking a Ride on a Baggage Conveyor Belt at MSP Airport

Olawale Ogunjimi
May 09, 2021
02:20 P.M.
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In Minneapolis, the airport police scooped up a nine-year-old boy who slipped out of his family members' grip and went for an adventure in a moving conveyor belt.


There was a rare occurrence at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport on Saturday after a nine-year-old boy went into a moving baggage conveyor belt. CCTV cameras captured the moment the kid came out of the conveyor belt.

Luckily, he was unharmed after airport police found him. The airport's director of strategic communications, Patrick Hogan, revealed in a statement to People that the boy was traveling in a large group of about 20 persons.

An image of a baggage conveyor | Photo: Freepik


When the group started checking their bags, the boy jumped onto the luggage conveyor belt close to where it exits ticketing and enters the bag screening and sortation section.

Delta Air Lines personnel witnessed the incident and attempted to get to the boy. However, their efforts proved futile. Hence, they shut down the conveyor immediately.


Hogan explained that as the conveyor was shut down, the boy moved onto another in the bag sortation room that remained active. The conveyor transported him to the checked bag screening area.

Once they noticed his absence, they swung to action and started searching until the police found him.


Police found him within four minutes and returned him to his parents without any injuries or bruises. Hogan noted that the boy got an adventure before the adventure.

As to why the boy's family did not notice he was missing in time, Hogan explained that the situation was somewhat chaotic because the group was very large. Hence, it was difficult for anyone to notice immediately that the boy was missing.


He said there was so much confusion with each member of the group checking their bags and putting them on the conveyor, causing them not to realize the boy was not there.

However, once they noticed his absence, they swung to action and searched until the police found him almost immediately. Hogan stated that the Metropolitan Airports Commission is investigating the occurrence.


They will collaborate with Delta Air Lines on ways to prevent a similar incident from occurring. Hogan further said the incident might lead to the baggage system security safeguards being reviewed.

The review will be to see if any action needs to be taken to prevent a future occurrence. When families travel with little children, they must always monitor their movements to ensure they are within reach and safe at all times.