Daily Joke: Man Sees His Friend Dancing Without Clothes Around His Tractor in a Barn

Comfort Omovre
May 07, 2021
05:30 A.M.

A man goes to visit his friend who he shockingly sees dancing without clothes around his John Deere tractor in a barn. See the hilarious response he gave when asked about the unusual behavior.


After getting home from work, Bob decided to pay his pal Pete a visit since the latter lived three blocks away. It was a stone's throw from his home.

On reaching his destination, Bob called out to his friend but heard no response. He soon noticed the noise of a tractor and headed to the barn where Pete keeps the machine.

A picture of a farm barn | Photo: Shutterstock

A picture of a farm barn | Photo: Shutterstock


Bob reached the farm only to find his buddy dancing naked around his John Deere machine. The puzzled friend asked, "What are you doing?" Pete took a moment's rest, then responded:

"My wife has been ignoring me lately so I talked to my psychiatrist, and he said I needed to do something sexy TO A TRACTOR."


John and Mary have been married for four decades. They recently marked their wedding anniversary, and the husband wanted to give his long-term partner a special gift.

He racked his head over a few options but later decided to approach his wife. He asked her if she would love a fur coat for the occasion.


She declined the offer with a sharp "No." Then he asked if she wanted a new Mercedes-Benz sports car or a new holiday home in the country. Mary maintained that she was not interested in the gifts.

This left John with no other option but to ask what her preference would be for the unique celebration. His wife said, "John, I want a divorce!" Her husband paused before replying with:

"Oh Mary, I wasn't planning to spend that much."

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