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Daily Joke: A Pirate Walks into the Bar and Has a Conversation with Young People

Laura Beatham
May 11, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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One day a pirate walks into a bar and has a conversation with young people about how he ended up with his different bodily injuries.


A pirate who has a hook in place of his right hand, a wooden peg leg instead of a left leg, and an eye patch covering his left eye walks into a bar.

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A few young people notice him and invite him to sit at their table. They are very curious about his injuries and so buy him a couple of rums and start inquiring about his missing limbs.

Pirate with an eye patch and hook. | Photo: Shutterstock


The first person asks, "I noticed you are missing your left leg. Can I ask what happened?" The pirate explained, "I was on me ship, when a big gale of wind knocked me overboard, and a darned shark bit me leg off."

The three people were stunned. The pirate continued, "aye, I had to get a wooden leg so I could stay captain of me ship." The second person was more curious about his arm and asked him what happened to it.


The pirate then explained, "Arggg, well Me and me crewmates were fightin' with the Lobster backs, a nasty and mean band of brutes those Lobster back pirates."

"Anyways, one of the boys grabbed me and held me to the floor while this other ugly bloke chopped my hand right off. I then got this hook so I could have some use from it."


All three people were amazed that the pirate had experienced so much. The last person then asked him what had happened to his eye. The pirate response, "Er well, a seagull flew past me, and its droppings went in it."

The third person was confused and said, "Wait, you lost your eye after a seagull pooped in it?" The pirate looked embarrassed and said, "Uh, well, it was the first day I had my hook."

Joke sourced from reddit.