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Daily Joke: A Businesswoman Finds Panties That Are Not Hers When She Comes Home

Stephen Thompson
May 15, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A businesswoman leaves her husband to go on a work-related retreat, but she finds a foreign pair of panties in their home when she returns.


A businesswoman left her husband to travel for a retreat organized by her company. When she got back from the trip, she discovered a strange pair of panties in her dresser.

She immediately suspected foul play; after all, she was sure it did not belong to her. The woman quickly went in search of answers.


She found her husband and furiously confronted him, but he denied ever seeing the foreign underwear— he claimed he had never done the laundry so he couldn't know about it.

The wife left him and searched for her maid, whom she found and interrogated as well. The maid was shocked by the implication of what her boss was saying, and it forced her to defend herself.

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She quickly revealed that she knew nothing of the panties and that they could not belong to her since she hardly ever wore underwear. The maid finished by humbly requesting the loathsome woman to confirm all she had stated with her husband.

Another joke: Mary and a boy named Jack were watching cartoons when they heard a phone ring. She stood up to answer the phone but returned seconds later.

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Jack asked who called her phone, and she replied it was her husband. He immediately made to leave, but she urged him to stay. Apparently, her husband told her he was spending the night playing poker with him.

Another joke: A married man was having a sexual relationship with his secretary at work. One day, they got caught up in their passion, and they left for her home.

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Tired from all the romping around, the pair fell asleep and woke at 8 pm. As the man hastily threw on his clothes, he directed the woman to work his shoe over with grass and dirt.

When he arrived at home, his wife interrogated him on his whereabouts. Seemingly unable to summon a lie, the man answered truthfully that he had cheated.

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He told her he had been having an affair with his secretary and had fallen asleep in her bed. His wife looked down at his soiled shoes and said,

"You liar! You've been playing golf!"

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