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Daily Joke: Man Decides to Ask His Wife on Their 50th Anniversary If She Ever Cheated on Him

Rebelander Basilan
May 09, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Here's a joke about an adorable elderly couple that celebrated 50 years of marriage. The husband decided to ask his wife if she ever cheated on him on that occasion.


In their lavish Los Angeles home, the couple, Jack and Betty, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Due to his curiosity, Jack began to ask Betty if she had ever cheated on him.

The question surprised Betty, and she asked Jack why he brought it up at the moment. Betty pointed out that he had never wanted to ask her that question before. However, Jack insisted that he really wants to know.

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After looking deeply into Jack's eyes, Betty revealed that she had cheated on him three times. A pang of pain came through Jack's heart at that moment. He then asked his wife when she had cheated.

Betty had reminded Jack how he had wanted to start a business, and no banks would lend him the money. But one day, a president of the bank had signed the loan papers without question at their house.

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"Oh my beautiful Betty, that was very nice of you! I could not be more grateful that you would do such a thing for me! I love you so much, honey," said Jack. He then asked his wife when was the second one.

Betty immediately asked Jack if he remembered the day he had a heart attack and needed to have an operation. Doctors were, however, reluctant to touch him. Jack replied that he remembered what happened that day.

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Betty continued by asking him if he still remembered the doctor came to their home one day and performed the surgery himself. Following the successful surgery, Jack was in excellent shape.

Jack was delighted and told his wife that he could not believe it. As Jack pointed out, he was grateful for Betty's kindness that helped save his life. After expressing his love for Betty, he asked when was the third one.

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Before answering, Betty drank some wine and smiled at Jack. Then she said, "Well, Jack, remember last year, when you wanted to become the president of the golf club and were 17 votes short?"

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