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Daily Joke: Hairdresser Tries to Kill Woman's Mood about an Upcoming Trip

Lois Oladejo
May 19, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Nobody likes killjoys, especially when they are looking forward to a trip. A woman did her best to put a hairdresser who tried to kill her mood in her place. Here's what happened.


A woman walked into a salon, all smiles and excited. Happily, she announced to the hairdresser that her husband would be taking her on a trip to Rome.

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When the hairdresser heard her story, he said with obvious irritation in his voice, "Rome? Why would anyone want to go there?" She added that Rome was too crazy and noisy, and anyone going there was crazy.

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She asked the excited woman how they planned to go, and she replied that they were taking Continental before adding that they had great rates.

The hairdresser took another jab at her statement and said Continental was a terrible flight with ugly attendants who were always late and nasty.

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With an unpleasant tone, she asked where they would be staying. The woman calmly replied that they would be staying at an exclusive little place over on the Tiber River called Teste.

The hairdresser cut her short, claiming she knew the place and everyone thought it was exquisite when it was not only horrible but also not fit for people to stay in it.

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The woman noted that she and her husband planned to tour around Rome and visit the Vatican, where they intend to see the Pope. The hairdresser was not backing down in her gloominess.

She laughed hysterically, saying that millions of people would see the Pope, and he would look like an ant in their midstm. The hairdresser wished the woman good luck sarcastically, saying she would need it.

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After a month, the woman returned to the salon for another hairdo, and the hairdresser quizzed her on the trip to Rome. The woman remarked that it was a lovely experience.

She added that she got the first-class treatment on one of Continental's new planes and was given a treat to some excellent food and wines. She noted that a young 28-year-old was her steward.

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The hairdresser, not sounding impressed, said it was okay and added that she was sure they did not get to see the Pope. The woman noted that they were lucky enough to see the Pope and even toured around the Vatican by Swiss guards.

The woman added that when she saw the Pope, he asked her a question. the hairdresser wanted to know what the question was, and the woman replied, "he asked me, 'Who screwed up your hair?'"

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