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Woman Notices Her Wedding Ring on Another Girl [Popular Story]

Bettina Dizon
May 15, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A Florida native used different names to enter into a relationship with women and steal from them. Here’s more about the story.


Joseph Davis, who goes by the alias Joe Brown and Marcus Brown, had been arrested for several charges, including possession of drugs, possession of a fake ID, and domestic assault.

However, none of his significant others are aware of his criminal record and ongoing illegal activities. The women also have no idea that their boyfriend is cheating and stealing from them both.

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An arrest warrant was recently issued for Davis after his Orange City girlfriend reported that he gave her jewelry to his fiancee. Earlier this year, the girlfriend found out that Davis was engaged to another woman.

After looking at the fiancee’s Facebook page, she noticed that the engagement ring and wedding bands were identical to what she had from a previous marriage. Upon checking her jewelry box, the girlfriend noticed that her rings and other accessories were gone.

The total stolen value amounted to around $6,270, the sheriff’s office reported. After the fiancee, residing in Orlando, found out about what had happened, she returned the items.


She also revealed that Davis previously took her to his Orange City girlfriend’s home while she was gone. According to Davis, the house belonged to him, and he asked his fiancee to move in.


There are also instances of polygamous marriage in America, although less common.

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However, he disappeared shortly after. In an interesting turn of events, the fiancee discovered that Davis also stole belongings from her, such as jewelry and a laptop. Both duped women recalled Davis mentioning a relative in North Carolina.


With this information, authorities were able to track down the relative and learn more about his criminal records. Apart from his current arrest warrant, Davis also has another active warrant for a hit-and-run incident that resulted in injuries.

Ironically, despite all his illegal activities, Davis has a tattoo on his arm that says, “ Only God can judge me.” Davis is still in hiding while the two deceived women are awaiting his arrest.


Although stealing from his partners are illegal, Davis’ polygamous act is not. In fact, having several wives is acceptable in other countries and cultures, including India. According to retired Indian police, Lal Singh Biruli:

“Girls outnumber boys in our society. It would be apt to marry more than one girl to a man if they are in love.”

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On average, for every 1,000 males in the Indian population, there are 940 men. The government also recognizes polygamous marriages and has benefits for those who choose that way of living.

A man who chooses to have more than one wife has to submit an affidavit to the government so that he and his wives can avail of the benefits and citizenship documents without much hassle.


There are also instances of polygamous marriage in America, although less common. Kodi Brown, who has three wives, had his relationship turned into a reality show for people to see what life is like with many wives.

Their show, “Sister Wives,” allowed people to have a broader understanding of polygamous life and how it must be based on love and acceptance. Brown usually rotates between his wives’ houses to spend time with each of them.