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Man Allegedly Killed His Wife and Left Her Body in a Garbage Dump in the Garage

Olowokandi Fiyin
May 14, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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A Colorado man, Keith Zotto, has been found guilty for the death of his wife, who died in 2019. Keith was said to have killed her and hid her body.


Following the five-day trial in the murder case connected to an Aurora man, Keith Zotto, the court made its verdict and found him guilty of shooting and killing his wife, Amber Zotto.

The case cropped up in July 2019, after authorities were alerted about Amber. Her mom made it known that she went missing and was not seen for two days at the time.

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Her two kids also attested to not seeing their mom for the past two days. After the police arrived at the Zottos’ home, they searched the house and found her body stuffed in a bag and thrown in a trash can in the garage.

Before the search, Keith made it known that they had an altercation, and she left the house angrily. When questioned by the police, he shared that she committed suicide, and he hid her body in a state of panic.


However, further investigations revealed that Keith, 46, shot his wife in the face, stuffed her body in the garbage can, and forgot all about it. The 18th judicial district attorney, John Kellner, made it known that Keith had no regard for human life.

Another Colorado report has resulted in the arrest of Barry Morphew.


He shared that the man murdered his wife and mother of his children and kept living his life after stuffing her body in the garage. After officers found Amber’s body, a gun was also found in the trash can.

The Chief Deputy District Attorney Laura Wilson also spoke on the development, noting that Keith literally killed his wife and left her body to rot. Wilson added:

“When you take a gun and point it at someone’s head … you know what happens when you pull that trigger. Amber begged for her life, she put up her hands, but he pulled the trigger.”

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After the verdict was passed, Keith’s sentencing was scheduled for July 19. According to the DA office, the most liable punishment for first-degree murder is life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Another Colorado report has resulted in the arrest of Barry Morphew; a 53-year-old man suspected to have committed the first-degree murder connected to his wife, Suzanne Morphew’s death.


Suzanne, who had two daughters, went missing on May 10 and her neighbors relayed that she had gone on a bike ride. After a few days of search, her bike was found, and there were speculations that she had been murdered.

So far, the details of the case against Morphew have not been revealed, but he is held in police custody without bond. Some of Suzanne’s family members felt relief after his arrest.


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