2-Year-Old Boy Found a Loaded Gun on a Nightstand and Shot His Parents Injuring Them and Himself

Afouda Bamidele
May 14, 2021
08:50 P.M.
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A 2-year-old boy got his parents and himself badly injured after accidentally shooting them in their bedroom. It was reported that the boy found the handgun on his parent's night stand.


According to the Sagadahoc County sheriff's office, a 2-year-old boy fired a single round from a handgun in his parents' bedroom which got them all injured. It was reported that this took place before 8 a.m., and his parents were still sleeping.

The terrible accident got the little boy's mother injured in the leg while his dad surfaced an injury around his head. The 2-year-old boy also got himself injured due to the gun's kickback, although none of the injuries are life-threatening.

A Hennepin County Sheriff vehicle enters the Hennepin County Government Center on March 9, 2021 | Photo: Getty Images


Sheriff Joel Merry confirmed that investigations were being carried out to attest where the gun was located. They are also trying to figure out why the little boy was able to find it so easily.

The sheriff also noted that although this is already a distressing situation, it could have gotten worse and parents, and all gun owners need to be careful and keep their guns in secured places.


According to police, a 3-week-old infant was in the room when the gun was fired, but thankfully the baby wasn't affected and is currently being cared for by his grandmother.

Careless parents continue to wreak havoc as another toddler in New Mexico shot his parents with a loaded gun he found.


One of Batt residents also shared his opinion, pointing out that parents should know better than to be careless with a loaded gun to the extent that a child would find it.

Another terrible incident was reported when a 3-year-old girl mistakenly shot her dad. According to the police, the little girl was in the car with her dad and Mr. Jones. It was said that Jones had laid the gun down, and the little girl picked it up.


The 3-year-old played with the gun when it went off, hitting her dad on the head and killing him. Allante Jones, 26, was charged with reckless homicide and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Careless parents continue to wreak havoc as another toddler in New Mexico fired at his parents with a loaded gun he found in his mother's handbag while searching for her iPad.

The little boy's parents survived the shooting, but his mother remained in the hospital as she was eight months pregnant. The boy and his sister were taken into the care of local authorities while their parents face charges of criminal neglect of their children.