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Courtney Stodden's Personal Life — They Married 34-Years-Older Doug Hutchison at 16

Edduin Carvajal
May 15, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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Courtney Stodden has been making headlines ever since they were 16 years old and married “The Green Mile” actor Doug Hutchison, 34 years their senior.


Media personality and singer Courtney Stodden, who came out as non-binary in April 2021 and identified themselves with the pronouns they/them, is arguably the most famous teen brides in America.  

When Stodden was 16 years old, their mother and manager signed them up for an online acting workshop with Doug Hutchison, best known for playing the abusive prison guard in “The Green Mile.”

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden on April 15, 2015 in Hollywood, California | Photo: Getty Images



According to Hutchison, their initial conversations were just about business. Stodden eventually started flirting as he "is so handsome," and the actor believed they were well into their 20s.

After a four-month courtship by phone and email, he learned Courtney Stodden was 16, and his world was “turned upside down.” Stodden’s age put Hutchison at a crossroads as he had already started falling for them.


It is important to point out that Courtney Stodden’s mom consistently monitored their conversations and was well aware Doug Hutchison was 34 years older than her daughter.

Hutchison’s feelings for Stodden were so strong that he ended up telling their parents that if they disapproved of their relationship, he would walk away. Their parents weren't against their romance, and Stodden and Hutchison married in May 2011.


As expected, their relationship attracted a lot of negative attention. The actor’s career was severely damaged as his manager and agent walked away and he was blacklisted in Hollywood. About it, Hutchison said:

"I shot my career in the head for love. And in doing so, I lost my family and friends. I was suddenly on the Titanic and everyone was fleeing."



Things between Courtney Stodden and their husband were far from perfect. In 2013, the couple parted ways, and Stodden even filed for legal separation, but they got back together in 2014.

According to Stodden’s mom, they learned what being single meant during their time at the “Big Brother” house in the UK. Still, they realized they really loved Hutchison and wanted to spend the rest of their life with him.


In May 2016, the former couple announced they were expecting their first child. Stodden said it was not a planned pregnancy and they were going through “a lot.”

Stodden made headlines after accusing Chrissy Teigen of harassing them online in 2012.


Unfortunately, Stodden revealed they lost their baby a couple of months later. Although the social media personality admitted to “grieving” for their loss, Hutchison alleged in 2020 that Stodden faked the pregnancy and miscarriage for money. 

The actor, who was also in on the supposed lie, pointed out that he was ashamed and even labeled it “immoral.” He added they did it to get paid for interviews and probably land a reality TV show because they were “completely broke.”



In 2016, months after the alleged miscarriage, Stodden and Hutchison parted ways for good. In early-2018, Stodden posted a heartfelt video on Instagram begging their husband to work on their marriage in what they described as a “public cry” for his love. 

The following year, they admitted their husband was their “everything,” adding they felt responsible for him losing his career and life due to their controversial marriage.


Stodden also said Hutchison was “ingrained” in them because they were just 16 when they began courting. They added he was in their identity, and his thumbprint was all over their spirit.

The former couple officially divorced in March 2020, and a month later, Stodden made headlines after accusing Chrissy Teigen of harassing them online in 2012, when they were still a minor. 

In a five-minute video posted on Instagram, Stodden explained that John Legend’s wife would tweet them almost every day and even urged them to end their own life

Teigen apologized on May 12, 2021. While Courtney Stodden accepted the apology and forgave her, they said it felt like Teigen’s public attempt to save her partnerships with Target and other brands. 

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