May 22, 2021

Woman Discovers the Death of Her Neighbor by Accident Almost a Week after He Died

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After discovering blood on her face from the ceiling while asleep, Ana Cardenas later found out that her neighbor had passed away just nearly a week prior.

During the early hours of the morning, Ana Cardenas from El Paso heard a strange sound and got up to investigate. When she saw blood on her walls, bed, and face, she was horrified.

Since Cardenas had slept with the fan turning on, blood seeped where the fan was, which caused blood to travel towards the fan's blades, creating splatters on her bedroom walls.

Ana Cardenas, an El Paso woman, who wakes up to find blood dripping from the ceiling. | Photo: YouTube/KTSM 9 NEWS


She described seeing blood on her clothing as "gross" and felt "in shock," thinking that the experience wasn't real. When she called maintenance, they asked if she was sure, leading her to say blood was falling on her.

After making 911 calls, she learned the blood, which also covered her hair, was coming from her neighbor upstairs. According to Cardenas, the man was between 55-70 years old.

The apartment building where the incident occurred. | Photo:YouTube/KTSM 9 NEWS


Firefighters broke into Cardena's neighbor's door and found the body exactly where her fan is positioned underneath. Despite having carpet, the blood dripped through to the ceiling, she added.

The incident traumatized Cardenas, who said she can't eat, sleep, or even be peaceful.

The ceiling of Ana Cardenas's apartment. | Photo:YouTube/KTSM 9 NEWS


A police investigation determined her neighbor died naturally and was decomposing for approximately five to six days. The fan was taken down, and a pool of blood poured out, Cardenas recalled.

She checked into a hotel for a few days but is still seeking compensation for her damaged property from Cielo Vista Apartment management. Renter's insurance is not mandatory for renters, so she didn't have it.

Ana Cardenas sharing her story during an interview. | Photo:YouTube/KTSM 9 NEWS


The incident traumatized Cardenas, who said she can't eat, sleep, or even be peaceful. Cardenas added that she needs to get a medical check-up to make sure she did not have an infection.

Cardenas continued, saying that she didn't renew the apartment lease after living there for a year and eight months. However, she is still trying to find an apartment within her budget.


In related news, a neighbor's call after seeing blood drip from the apartment ceiling above revealed the possible murder-suicide of the couple, Nicholas Mantzouranis and Sally Mantzaouranis, in South Florida.

Meanwhile, in Canada, US soldier Adam Hockett was horrified to find blood dripping through his bathroom ceiling, soaking his possessions and producing an unpleasant stench in his apartment. 

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at