Wandering Tiger in Houston Was Found Unharmed and Turned over to Authorities

Joe Akins
May 18, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A tiger that was on the loose in a neighborhood in Houston has been found unharmed and has been delivered to the authorities. 


A Bengal tiger named India was seen roaming about a neighborhood in Houston last week, but thanks to people from the community, it has been located unharmed. 

The Houston Police Department(HPD) recently took to Twitter to share a video of the beautiful feline that saw it surrounded by police officers and a woman who seemed totally at ease with the animal as she fed it from a feeding bottle. 

An American policeman walks in the street with a police car visible in the background | Photo: Shutterstock


The HPD has also issued a statement regarding the situation. It 


, "We are happy to report that the missing tiger seen in a Houston neighborhood last week has been found and appears to be unharmed." 

The commander of the HPD, Ron Borza revealed some more information in a news briefing on Saturday evening. Apparently, the tiger had been owned by Gia Cuevas and her husband, Victor Hugo Cuevas. They were also the ones who turned the animal in. 

A police officer radioing in a call while wearing a face mask and gloves to protect himself from the coronavirus | Photo: Shutterstock


Borza believes the animal was passed around several times; however, Gia always knew where it was at any point in time. It is against the law to own a tiger in Houston; however, Gia is currently not facing any charges. 

The sighting of the tiger was called in by one of the Cuevas's neighbors.


On the other hand, her husband is being charged with felony evading arrests after he fled last week with the tiger in a white Cherokee jeep when it was first spotted lounging unaccompanied around a front yard. 

Police gave chase at the time; however, they lost visuals, and Victor got away. He was finally apprehended in his parents' house in Richmond. 


His legal representative told the police that Victor had been planning to turn himself in and that he does not own the big cat but may have an idea of whom it belongs to. 

India has been moved to an animal sanctuary and will be introduced to a half-acre wooded plot at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas. 

The sighting of the tiger was called in by one of the Cuevas's neighbors Jose Ramos. He claimed the experience of seeing such a potentially deadly animal strolling the front yard was "very scary." 

The back of a police officer, who is wearing a protective vest. | Photo: Shutterstock

This is because the neighborhood, according to him, is a very family-oriented one where little kids and babies can often be seen out on strolls or having fun outdoors. 

It is not the first time a tiger will be sighted in Houston; in 2019 someone, who wanted to smoke marijuana, reportedly discovered a caged tiger in an abandoned home.