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Tooth Falls Out While Sleeping – Top Interpretations of Dreams about Teeth

Joe Akins
May 18, 2021
04:40 A.M.
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Many people often have dreams where they see themselves losing their teeth in one way or the other. The dreams are often unsettling, but here are some interpretations of dreams about teeth.


One of the worst dreams they can have is about their teeth falling out in an eerie manner for many folks. The good news is everything that happens in a dream gives the dreamer a glimpse of the state his or her psyche is in.

Experts say dreams are the window to the subconscious mind. Over the years, they have debated why humans dream, why there are various dreams, and why some recur.

An image of a lady's teeth | Photo: Pxhere


One of those varieties that often recur in people involves teeth, and such dreams may have different meanings. Find some of them below.


According to the shamanic practitioner, Khi Armand, teeth dreams may occur when an individual's self-esteem takes a huge blow. According to him, teeth falling out in dreams can be associated with a "loss of power."

Teeth in the animal kingdom can be used as tools of savagery and defense, so it only makes sense that a loss of them in a dream signifies a loss of power. A simple remedy to low self-esteem is assertiveness and a desire to be partial to one's self.


An image of a lady's teeth | Photo: Pixabay


Hypnotherapist Susan Leigh believes that dreams where people "pluck out their teeth" or pull out the shaky ones are triggered by a fear of saying the wrong things.


The human body is paralyzed to avoid it from acting out the dreams.

It may be that there is a public speaking appointment around the corner, and the individual is having a hard time preparing what to discuss.

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When teeth fall out in a dream, a common interpretation is related to a profound sense of personal loss. It may have to do with the death of a loved one or loss of a job, home or spouse.

Some religions also believe that having a dream where one loses his or her teeth may signify the impending demise of a family member.

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Sometimes when people find themselves revealing too much about a secret or saying things they aren't supposed to, their subconscious may point that out with dreams where their teeth slowly fall out one after the other.

It is advised that the person reflects on his or her last day to be able to decipher if they have been saying things they have no business saying.

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Dreams are a constant happening, some of the people remember, and some people don't; however, regardless of that, they occur every night.

The average human's most vivid dream happens during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep which takes place in short intervals of about 90 to 120 minutes through the night.

An image of a lady's teeth | Photo: Pixabay

At this time, the human body is paralyzed to avoid it from acting out the dreams that mostly come in the form of pictures and rarely ever audible.

In the end, dreams are the mind's clever method of decluttering and bringing unresolved feelings and problems to the fore so they can be dealt with. What a great gift!