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Daily Joke: A Father Reads a Letter from His Son

Rebelander Basilan
May 23, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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One day, a father passed by his son's bedroom and was stunned to see the well-made bed and everything sparkling clean. Later, he discovered an envelope on the desk.


In the letter, the father was addressed. The father was scared and decided to read the letter, believing that his son was in serious trouble. The letter conveyed how deeply he regrets writing to him.

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The son explained that he eloped with his new girlfriend so as not to upset his parents. "I've been thinking about Britney a lot. She's so nice, but I know you would disapprove of her," he wrote.

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Continuing, the son said Britney had plenty of tattoos and piercings. She also wears tight clothing and is older than him. Despite that, the son said they had an inexplicable connection and that she was pregnant.

The relationship between Britney and him will be fantastic, he said. "We're going to have more children, and she has a trailer in the woods. We also have plenty of firewood," the son wrote.

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The son recalled Britney making him discover the wonder of illegal drugs and how they don't harm anyone. He shared that they will sell them to members of their community for profit.

The boy assured his father not to worry about him because he was already seventeen and knew how to care for himself. He promised that someday they would all be back, and his father could get to know his grandson.

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He then concluded, "P.S. None of this is true. I'm just over at my classmate's house. My sole objective was to remind you that there are worse things in life than looking at the classroom report on the kitchen table."

What an unexpected twist in the story. Here is another joke about an old woman aboard a cruise ship. She will definitely make you laugh with her interaction with a gentleman.

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An elderly woman was relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship during a peaceful evening. Because she was afraid the strong wind would take away her hat, she was doing all she could to keep it in place.

Both of the old woman's hands clutched tightly at her hat. Afterward, a gentleman approached her and pointed out that her hat wasn't the only one being blown by the wind.

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While the gentleman informed her that her dress would receive the same treatment, the old woman still claimed to be more concerned about her hat, which required two hands to keep on.

His reaction to what he heard was startling. In a second attempt, the gentleman tried to talk sense into the old lady by telling her that everyone was seeing her private parts, as well.

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The old woman looked down at herself and then turned back to the man, telling him everything she saw down there was older than 85 years. She continued by saying that she had just purchased her hat.

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