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Girl with a Facial Defect Filled My Heart [Story of the Day]

Bettina Dizon
May 19, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Today's #storyoftheday is about a boy who fell in love with a kind girl despite her physical flaw and saw her as the most beautiful person in the world.


Would you fall in love with a woman with an apparent physical flaw? Antonio had been asked this question more than he can count in the past years, and every time, he would confidently answer with a yes.

He has been with his wife, Isabel, for 18 years. They met at the young age of 15 when Isabel ran out of her house wearing a dainty red dress paired with white sneakers and oversized sunglasses.

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"She didn't run," he recalled. "She fluttered" -- or so it seemed to him. He did not know her then, but he wanted to know everything about her as soon as he caught a glimpse of the young girl.

Isabel was his new neighbor who moved in a couple of houses down the street. She relocated from a different city and attended the same school as Antonio. He watched from afar for about a week before finally approaching her.

Antonio knows that many would push for his wife's surgery, but he sees Isabel's squint as beautiful, unlike the rest.


Antonio approached Isabel and instantly invited her to go fishing. He didn't think things through and only realized afterward how dumb his question sounded. "I stuttered like an idiot, and I still didn't know where to put my hands," he recalled. "They dangled like a swing."

Isabel giggled a bit before introducing herself. After a short conversation, Antonio asked why the young girl did not take off her sunglasses even if it was pretty cloudy. He really wanted to see her eyes and requested Isabel to show them.


When she did, Antonio was surprised to see that she had a squint. Still, he was unbothered and liked Isabel just the way she was. The following day, Antonio invited Isabel for a walk. She was quite surprised because she thought that her peculiarity scared him away.

The more they hung out, the more people asked Antonio, "Would you fall in love with a woman with an obvious physical flaw?" He knew people would talk, but no one else's opinion mattered.


Isabel was always insecure about her eyes and chose to hide them beneath the sunglasses, but Antonio only saw beauty in them and never failed to tell Isabel how beautiful she was. A few years later, they tied the knot and started a family of their own.

It has been years since their love story began. Recently. Antonio's wife wanted to undergo corrective eye surgery. Although he supported her choice, she was not sure if it was something he wanted.


Antonio knows that many would push for his wife's surgery, but he sees Isabel's squint as beautiful, unlike the rest. He just hopes that she is doing it because she wants to and not because others like her to.

Don't be complex. There will definitely be someone who will like you the way you are. With all the flaws. After all, there are no ideal ones.

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Any resemblance in this story to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.