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Man Who Almost Became a School Mass Shooter Shares His Story of Overcoming Darkness

Afouda Bamidele
May 23, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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After almost succumbing to the darkness that propelled him to end his life and that of his classmates, Aaron Stark is ensuring that no one else experiences the pain he has by sharing his emotional story with the world.


The world can be a cruel place for people just as Aaron Stark learned during his difficult childhood that was shrouded in so much darkness it nearly turned a young man into a mass shooter.

In 2018, Stark shared the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of how he endured and withstood the darkness of his life to become the man he was today on the YouTube channel "TEDx Talks."

Aaron Stark gave a speech on stage on Jun 26, 2018 | Photo: Youtube/TEDx Talks


Stark's childhood was far from normal as his parents, whom he described as aggressive drug addicts, contributed to the young man's suffering as their dangerous lifestyle made the family change states frequently to avoid persecution.

Young Stark was forced to not only change schools multiple times but also endure the wrath of numerous bullies, who chose him as their target because of the poor state he was in.


By the age of 13 or 14, Stark believed he was the worthless person everyone around him constantly claimed he was and this painful thought led the teenager to find comfort in self-harm.

This inspirational story of the power of friendship also caught the eye of the filmmaker, Jonny Santana.


With no one to stop him, Stark nearly ended his life as the pain became unbearable. However, the darkness had enveloped his heart to the point that the teenager almost took his classmates with him.

In 1996, Stark reportedly made a deal with a drug dealer to get a gun to carry out the mass shooting of his North Denver high school but the teenager was stopped by his only friend.


According to Stark, his friend Mike, who was unaware of his horrific plans saved his life and the lives of their classmates by simply being a good friend who listened and supported him.

Stark stated that Mike didn't treat him like a person that was broken but offered him help when his own parents looked the other away. He was saved because his friend made him feel human.


This inspirational story of the power of friendship also caught the eye of the filmmaker, Jonny Santana, who couldn't wait to turn Stark's incredible life into the movie titled "Just Another Tuesday."

The movie portrays the same message of hope that Stark has been trying to convey with his touching confession by reminding people going through hard times not to lose hope as they weren't alone.