Daily Joke: Couple Finds a Way to Leave Their Son to Celebrate Their Anniversary

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 26, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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A couple decided to go out for dinner on the occasion of their anniversary but the presence of their little son made it difficult. After coming up with a perfect idea, the result they got was not expected.


A couple thought of the perfect way to celebrate their anniversary. The husband and wife finally decided they were going out for dinner. However, the duo could not leave their little son behind due to the absence of a babysitter. 

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The lovebirds racked their brains to find the perfect solution. After a moment, the husband came up with a good idea. His thought was to play music that contained stories for kids, to help put their son to sleep. 

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The wife agreed and the couple carried out their plan, and off they went for their lovely dinner. On arrival from their date two hours later, they heard their little boy screaming, "I waaaant, I waaaant, I waaaant." 

Perplexed and worried, they ran up to their son's room and the sight they beheld was a scary one. The tot was seen hitting his head against a wall and yelling the same words they heard.

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The duo was utterly baffled and decided to listen to the lyrics of the music playing. What they heard was, "Do you want to listen to my story? Do you want to listen to my story? Do you want to listen to my story?"

Here is a joke about a newly wed couple: A couple got married and moved into their new home. On a good day, the husband came home from work, and his wife brought to his notice the leaking pipe in one of their bathrooms. She kindly asked if he could fix it. 

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In amazement, the man asked his wife if he looked like a plumber. Days later, the husband came home from work. Again, the wife approached him and brought to his notice that their car could not start.

The woman suggested the car needed a new battery. She politely asked if her husband could change it. He asked his wife if he looked like Mr Goodwrench. 

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After a couple of days, the woman noticed a roof leak during a heavy downpour. Again, she notified her husband and asked for help to fix it. He replied to her by asking if he was Bob Vila.

The following day, to the man's amazement, everything was fixed perfectly when he got home from work. Curious, he asked his wife what happened. The wife explained she had a repairman fix everything.

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The husband went ahead and asked how much the bill was. His wife revealed that it did not cost a thing, rather, the repairman asked that she bake a cake or sleep with him. 

Surprised, the man asked his wife the type of cake she baked. The woman answered her husband by asking if she looked like Betty Crocker.

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