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My Girlfriend's Mother Flirts with Me – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
May 23, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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After my girlfriend's mom moved near our home, she visited often and began flirting with me. What can I do to maintain a relationship with my girlfriend?


I have been with my girlfriend, Marika, for two years, and it has been nothing short of perfect. We have different personalities that balance each other and help our relationship prosper.

Three months ago, we decided to move in together - a step towards marriage. We rented a two-bedroom apartment near Marika's office since I work remotely. We also adopted two adorable fur babies, George and Jimmy.

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Marika's mother, whom I have met five times, recently moved near our neighborhood in hopes that she would get closer to her grandchildren, should we have any soon. Her mother, Lauren, was a stay-at-home wife for most of her life, keeping herself busy by writing novels.

She is a socialite and the daughter of a wealthy man, who became a widow a few years back when her husband, Philip, died of cancer. Although they were married until his death, it was no secret that Lauren had extramarital affairs.

The first time Lauren visited, she showered me with several compliments about my new haircut and body build. At first, I thought she was being nice and treating me somewhat like a son, who she was proud of.


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However, she began explicitly flirting with me behind Marika's back. Lauren was very touchy and would place her hands on my arms while claiming how muscular and strong they looked. On one occasion, she even touched my thighs while saying I grew muscles in that area as well.


I turned a blind eye at first and pretended not to understand, but I stood my ground as time passed, knowing that it was not normal. More so, it was disrespectful to her daughter, my girlfriend.

I never told Marika about what happened as I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable.

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Most recently, Lauren visited while Marika was at work and I was home. She claimed to have had a water shortage in her home and needed a place to shower. Out of respect, I allowed her to use the bathroom in the guest room.

To my surprise, she began walking around the house with only a towel. Lauren is undoubtedly a beautiful woman who looks years younger than her actual age, 53. However, I'm in love with her daughter and nearly half her age.


While she kept lingering with only a towel, I told Lauren to put clothes on then sat her down. "Lauren, I'm happy that you are very accepting of me for Marika. I love her so much and will spend the rest of my life making her happy," I said.

"However, I have been uncomfortable around you these past weeks. I don't find it appropriate that you touch my arms, my thighs, or even walk around my house with only a towel," I added.

Lauren looked at me then touched my hand. She apologized for making me feel uncomfortable before adding, "but I can't help it if you look like my husband in his younger years. My daughter certainly has a fine taste in men."


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I never told Marika about what happened as I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Lauren lessened flirting with me but would still make gestures like winking when no one looked. Should I tell Marika about what's happening or sort it out myself?


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