Authorities Say a Man Who Allegedly Confessed to Killing His Girlfriend May Be a Serial Killer

Joe Akins
May 19, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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A 42-year-old man who was charged with murdering his girlfriend has recently been charged with the criminal homicide of another woman who went missing years ago. Authorities fear that he is a serial killer.


As many say, there are often many layers to the truth. Recently, the accused killer, Harold David Haulman, 42, who is already facing a murder charge for killing his girlfriend, has now been charged with a second homicide in Luzerne County.

Last December, Haulman was charged with the murder of Erica Shultz, 26, of Bloomsburg. His new arrest involves the charges of criminal homicide in the death of a 25-year-old Tianna Phillips of McClure, Snyder County.

A photo of police car light | Photo: Getty Images


She was first reported missing to Berwick Police in 2018. Phillips was last spotted alive in the 400 block of East 9th Street on July 13, 2018. She went to see her friend after she had a fight with her boyfriend.

Phillips's friend said a man named Dave was coming to pick her up. Haulman, who is married, was allegedly cheating on his wife with Phillips.

Haulman's wife knew of the affair, as did Phillips's boyfriend. The latter reached out to Haulman's wife to tell her that he knew what was going on as well.


Enraged by the turn of events, Haulman decided to take matters into his own hands. He started threatening to kill Phillips and even threatened to kill her boyfriend as well.

Haulman reportedly met both of his victims through online dating applications. From there, they built relationships, and not long after, he murdered them both in cold blood.

A photo of a police crime scene | Photo: Pixabay


During his confession, the alleged serial killer admitted that he picked Phillips up and took her to a wooded area near Hobbie Road in Luzerne County. After, they walked into the woods, where he said they were going to build a fire.

While treading the path into the woods behind his lover, he struck Phillips over the head with a hammer multiple times. He then continued the gruesome act by slashing her throat with a knife before stabbing her multiple times.


After committing the crime, Haulman returned home to tell his wife what he had done. Horrified but unbelieving of this confession, the man's wife dismissed it. She only realized he was telling the truth when he gave her digital images of a deceased female.

Shocked and afraid, Haulman's wife went back to the site of the gruesome murder months after it happened with her husband. She claimed that she wanted to gather some of the evidence. 

A parked Sheriff's police vehicle | Photo: Pixabay


Haulman told the police he put Phillips's clothing and some of her remains in black trash bags, which he stashed in dumpsters behind the AMC Theaters in Scott Township.

After Haulman was charged for the murder of Erica Shultz, he led the police to her body which was the same location where he recently told police he killed Phillips. Phillips' remains have still not been located.

Two police officers walking down the road | Photo: Pexels


Authorities have also linked Haulman as a person of interest in the disappearance and presumed death of a pregnant 21-year-old woman named Ashley Parlier. 

Parlier reportedly disappeared from Battle Creek in June of 2005 after getting into an argument with her father. She was allegedly dating Haulman at the time of her disappearance, and till today, her remains have not been found.

Photo of a fully kitted police officer | Photo: Pexels

These three tragedies are not the only ones with Haulman's prints on them. In the late '90s, he was convicted of murder in Germany, but the charges were reduced, and he was released. 

Authorities fear that Haulman might very well be an international serial killer as they continue to search for the remains to bring Phillips's family some closure.

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