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Message in a Bottle Allegedly Thrown from the Titanic Hours before Sinking Found in Canada

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 23, 2021
11:40 A.M.
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More than a century since the famous Titanic sank, killing thousands of people on board, a bottle thrown from the ship moments before it sank has been found in Canada.


A note which appears to have been written by a French school girl on board the Titanic has been discovered by scientists in Canada. The schoolgirl who was traveling to New York wrote the letter hours before the gigantic ship split in two and headed deep down the water.

The schoolgirl, alongside 1,500 others, lost their lives moments after the ship hit an iceberg during its maiden voyage in April 1912. In 2017, the bottle was found washed up on a beach, and scientists are out to prove its authenticity.

A portrait of the 46,328 Tons Rms Titanic Of The White Star Line on January 01, 1912 | Photo: Getty Images


The letter was reportedly sealed when it was found and seemed to have been written for fun by the 12-year-old Mathilde Lefebvre, who was accompanied by her mother to visit some family members.

The note washed up on a beach in New Brunswick in 2017 and was handed over to the Universitee du Quebec a Rimouski for study and examination but has now been made public.


The schoolgirl was a third-class passenger on the renowned liner and, in her note, stated that she was throwing the bottle in the middle of the Atlantic, and if found by anyone, it should be reported to the Lefebvre family in Lievin.

Varying reports exist as to the originality of the note, with some academics stating that the timing of the message corresponds with the actual date of the Titanic, while others believe it might be a hoax.

The handwriting on the letter has become a major source of concern.


Researchers reportedly stated that before this time, there had been three different bottles containing notes believed to be from victims of the Titanic, but only one was authenticated while the rest were frauds.

History professor Maxime Gohier, who is in charge of the team of researchers, noted that this letter could be the first Titanic artifact found on the American coast. There is yet to be any sign of forgery.


Other researchers believe any excitement should be withheld for the time being as the letter might have recently been written. Different possibilities exist for the time being.

Anyone with certain information on the Titanic has been asked to come forward and help prove or disprove the note, hence the reason it was made open to the public.

According to reports, the handwriting on the letter has become a major source of concern, as it is believed to be inconsistent with what French children were taught at the time.

Despite the varying opinion surrounding the note, researchers believe that it goes a long way to bring to mind the thousands of lives lost in the Titanic and what they mean to the world.