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He Wanted to Take Away His Brother's Wife – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
May 24, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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A young husband is irrationally suspicious of his younger brother, who suspects of seducing his beautiful young wife.


Alex Carson walked into the house and heard voices. Immediately he was enraged. He stormed into the kitchen to find his beautiful young wife Nola chatting happily to his brother, John.

John was always popping into Alex's house when he wasn't home, and Alex was sure he was up to no good. John had coveted Alex's toys throughout his entire childhood -- and what he couldn't get, he spoiled. Alex was sure John was doing the same with Nola...

Jealousy destroys trust | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


Alex kicked in the kitchen door, startling John, who was hanging a picture on the wall, and Nola who was sitting at the kitchen table talking to him while he worked. "What the hell is going on here?" Screamed Alex.

Frightened, Nola jumped up. "Alex! What's wrong?"

A visit from the brother-in-law | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


"Wrong?" Alex shouted, "I walk in every day to find my brother alone with you, and you want to know what's wrong?"

John walked towards his brother. "Alex, listen..."

"No!" said Alex, "YOU listen! This is my house and my wife! I don't want you coming in here to fix the sink or hang paintings. I can do that myself, so get out!"

What is he doing here | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


John said quietly: "You have no reason to be jealous Alex. Nola loves you..."

"Out!" cried Alex beside himself, "And don't come back!"

But a few weeks later Alex was in for a surprise. He came home to find the table set for three and Nola was glowing. "Alex!" she cried hugging hi tightly. "I have wonderful news!"

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Alex looked at the table suspiciously. "Who's coming for dinner?" At that moment the doorbell rang. Alex answered the door, and there was John, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

"What are you doing here?" asked Alex.

John smiled, "Nola invite me to dinner, I thought you knew!"

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Alex glared at Nola. "No, I didn't or I would never have allowed it!"

Nola put her arms around both brothers. "Come on Alex, I have wonderful news, and John is our only family!"

"Out with those news, then, and he can go!" said Alex.

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Nola smiled happily. "I'm pregnant! Alex you're going to be a father!"

But Alex didn't look happy, he looked shocked. "An uncle, isn't that what you mean, Nola?"

Nola was stunned: "What? What are you talking about?"

If you don't trust the person you are with there can be no true intimacy between you.

I love you | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


"You and my brother, that's what I'm talking about! That's his baby!"

"NO!" cried Nola, "I've NEVER cheated on you, Never!"

John stepped forward. "You're wrong, Alex, You don't know what..."

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But Alex was beyond listening. "It's over Nola. I'm done." He walked out, leaving Nola in tears.

"I love him," she whispered, "How am I going to do this alone?"

John hugged Nola. "You're not alone, Nola. I'm here for you." He hesitated, then went on. "Alex is right about one thing: I do care about you, more than I should. I love you, Nola."

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Nola pushed John away. "What? What do you mean, John, we've been friends since we were children!"

John smiled sadly. "I've been in love with you all my life. And if you want me, I'm here."

Nola shook her head. "I'm sorry, John, I love you like a brother, but I'm in love with Alex, despite his tantrums and his distrust, and his jealousy."

The paternity test | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


John smiled. "In that case, Nola, I'm going to do everything I can to fix this." And immediately John started hatching a plan.

John asked Alex to meet him and Nola, and his brother reluctantly agreed. When Alex walked in, John handed him an envelope. "Alex, Nola did a paternity test. It's in this envelope."

Alex made a gesture to open the envelope, but John stopped him. "Hold on. If you open that envelope, you will be 100% sure the baby is yours, but you will never see your wife or child again."

Making a choice | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


"What?" cried Alex, "And if I don't open it?"

"If you trust Nola enough not to open that envelope, then you have your wife and your life back," John explained.

Alex looked into Nola's tear-filled eyes. John added softly: "I think you know in your heart that Nola would never cheat on you, brother."

Choosing to trust | Source: Facebook/ AmoMama


Alex looked at his wife, at his brother, and the envelope, and he came to a decision: he ripped the envelope to pieces. Nola threw her arms around him and Alex whispered: "I'm sorry Nola, I'm so sorry."

John smiled. "To tell you the truth, Alex, there was no paternity test. I just wanted you to realize that there can be no love without trust."

When Alex and Nola's baby was born, John was there, and he became the most devoted uncle to his baby niece. Not long after her birth, John met a lovely girl and started a family of his own.

What can we learn from Alex's story?


1. There is no love without trust. Love is based on trust. If you don't trust the person you are with there can be no true intimacy between you, and love can't flourish.

2. Jealousy is about insecurity. Jealousy is a reaction to the jealous partner's own insecurity and has nothing to do with the loved one.

3. Jealousy can destroy a relationship. No one can live in an atmosphere of suspicion. The jealousy will undermine the relationship and wear out the love.

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