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Daily Riddle: 6 Best Riddles to Trick a Mind – with Answers

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 28, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Riddles task the brain and keep it busy, making them valuable exercises for the mind. Here are six of the trickiest riddles one will find anywhere.


Trying to solve a riddle is a good way to put one's mind and brain to the test. The answer to a good riddle is usually right in the question, not from an external source.

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However, they can be tricky and hard to find. These six riddles will trick the minds of anyone trying to answer them.

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A window cleaner was on the 50th story of a building cleaning the windows without using any safety equipment. Suddenly, the cleaner trips and falls. While there is nothing on the ground to reduce the impact of the fall, he still manages not to get any serious injuries. How is this possible?

Answer: Although the answer to this riddle is simple, many people will miss it because of the logical assumption that the cleaner is cleaning the windows from outside the building.

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In reality, window cleaners clean windows from both inside and outside the building. So the only way the cleaner could have fallen on the 50th story and not sustain serious injuries is because he's cleaning the inside window and fell to the floor of the 50th story.


Australia is the world's largest island since being discovered in the 17th century by western explorers. Before the discovery, which island was the largest in the world?

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Answer: It is easy to think that one needs to know some history and geography to answer this question, but this is not true. Australia did not become larger after the discovery. It has always been the largest island in the world, even before the westerners discovered it.


Two girls got served iced tea at dinner. One of them drank the iced tea very quickly and finished five in quick succession. The second girl drank hers very slowly. All the drinks were poisoned. The first girl survived it while the second girl died. How?

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Answer: The main difference between the two girls is in how quickly they drank the iced tea. One was very fast, and the other was very slow. The girl that drank fast survived because the poison was in the ice.

She did not give the ice some time to melt before drinking it. The other girl gave it some time, the ice melted, and the poison was released into the tea.

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What has 13 hearts without other organs? It's easy to think of this as some living thing (maybe an alien), but it is not. A pack of playing cards consists of 13 cards with hearts.


A five-letter word becomes shorter after adding two letters to it. What is the word? The word is "SHORT." After adding the letters E and R, it becomes "SHORTER."

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Name three consecutive days without mentioning the days of the week? This is a simple riddle, and the commonest answer is Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. However, another good answer is Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing day.

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