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Sara Ramirez Came Out as Queer, Bisexual, and a Nonbinary Person — Personal Facts about Her

Edduin Carvajal
May 21, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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Although “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Sara Ramirez has kept most details of her life away from the spotlight, she’s been candid about her childhood and sexual preferences.


Back in 2006, Sara Ramirez explained her parents divorced when she was only eight years old, prompting her mother to move from Mexico to San Diego. For years, she felt she stuck out

Apart from having an accent, she was much taller and “bigger-boned” than most girls her age. The fact that Ramirez’s mom was very critical of her own body didn’t help much.

Sara Ramirez on June 21, 2018 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images



Ramirez revealed that when her mom felt she needed to lose weight, she would try to shed pounds, too. For all those reasons, the talented actress grew up wishing to look in a certain way instead of appreciating her body.

After getting accepted into Julliard, she realized several students had eating disorders. In her case, it came in waves. She would follow strict diets and lose weight but would then overeat to fight the “moments of unhappiness.” 


When Ramirez decided to work in Hollywood, she moved to Los Angeles and would keep seeing these “petite women with giant boobs” in audition rooms. It made her old insecurities return, and she began taking diet pills.

She took them for about six months even though they made her heart race. Eventually, she had enough and threw them away. The actress also struggled with such a severe case of depression that she once had a difficult time getting out of bed to go to the “Grey’s Anatomy” set. 


Things improved after Ramirez landed a part in the musical “Spamalot” as it made her confident. Her time in “Grey’s Anatomy” was also crucial as it helped her get over many of her issues and accept her body. 

It is important to point out that Ramirez’s body issues didn’t just go away, but she’s doing much better. However, her figure was not the only aspect of her life she needed to embrace.



After playing openly bisexual Dr. Callie Torres for years in “Grey’s Anatomy,” people started wondering if Sara Ramirez was gay. While speaking at the True Colors: 40 to None Summit in 2016, she described herself as a “queer” and “bisexual” woman.

The news surprised many people, especially because in 2011, she announced her engagement to her longtime partner Ryan DeBolt. They got married on June 4, 2012, and have been together ever since. 

Ramirez made headlines again after coming out as gender nonbinary.


Two years after coming out publicly, Ramirez admitted owning all of her identities gave her a sense of relief and liberation as she didn’t have to hide her true self. 

The actress admitted she’s been telling her friends and family her truth since she was 18 years old but didn’t do it publicly due to fear it could negatively affect her career.


Eventually, especially after the Pulse nightclub shooting, Ramirez felt the urgency to use her platform to empower the LGBTQ+ community, so she let the world know her sexual preferences. She added

“By sharing all of the intersections my life has touched on […], I hope that it might help empower our youth to own those complex narratives for themselves.”



In August 2020, Ramirez made headlines again after coming out as gender nonbinary. The actress uploaded a photo on Instagram and wrote in the caption that she had the “capacity” to be a girlish boy, a boyish girl, and everything in between. 

Ramirez also included “non-binary human” in her Instagram bio and pointed out that she uses the pronouns she/her and they/them.

Now, Sara Ramirez focuses on using her platform to support the LBGTQ+ community. She's also landing parts on films and TV. In fact, she will be the first nonbinary character in the upcoming “Sex and the City” revival. Way to go! 


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