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Daily Joke: An Out-of-Work Mime Is Visiting the Zoo

Laura Beatham
May 27, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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One day an out-of-work mime visited a local zoo and attempted to make money as a street performer. 


One day an out-of-work mime visited a local zoon and attempted to make money as a street performer. He put down a tipping bucket and started performing his mime routine. 

The mime started to draw a small crowd, but a zookeeper grabbed him and escorted him to his office before it got too big. The zookeeper explained the situation to the mime. 

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"Listen, we cannot have you performing out there because we will lose interest in our animal attractions. Our gorilla just passed away, so we are trying to keep customers."

The zookeeper continued, "But I can offer you a job as pretending to be a gorilla until we can get another one." The mime thought about it but quickly accepted the offer. 


The next day he got dressed into a gorilla costume and went inside the gorilla enclosure. The mime loved the job. He got paid to sleep all day, snack on fruit, and do whatever he wanted inside the cage. 

He would draw big crowds by making fun of the zoo's visitors, making loud noises, and swinging from the enclosures different swings and tree branches. However, eventually, people lost interest in him. 


He noticed that people had started to gather around the lion attraction that was next to his cage. So he came up with a plan. He climbed out of his cage and onto the lion's cage. 

He would taunt the lion from atop the cage, swing from the cage's roof, throw bananas at the animal, and get the lion all worked up. His plan worked great, and he even got a raise for bringing more people to the zoo.


However, one day, when he was mocking the lion, the mime fell into the lion's enclosure. He was so scared and tried to hide from the lion. The lion noticed him and started chasing him.

The mime tried to stay silent to keep up with the gorilla act, but eventually, he screamed, "Help, help me!" A moment later, the lion pounced on him, and then he heard a voice say, "Shh, you idiot, or we will both be fired."

Joke source from startsat60.