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Woman Refused to Pay for Her Stepchildren's College Tuitions – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
May 28, 2021
08:30 A.M.
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A 'wicked stepmother' refuses to pay for her two stepsons' college tuition even though she received a large insurance pay-off from their father's death.


Sienna Jordan's husband, Kevin, passed away when he was just 47 in a tragic accident, leaving her to raise her twins, Jake and Jana, alone. It was difficult for Sienna, especially since she had to deal with Kevin's first wife.

The woman had always resented Sienna and blamed her for the divorce, even though she and Kevin had been separated when he met his second wife. Kevin had been so young; he hadn't thought about dying or about their property.

But Sienna was faced with having to divide the estate with Kevin's older children, Fred and Lyam. She had been forced to sell the house to give the boys their share, and she'd invested her part in a small cosmetics company.


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Six months after Kevin's death, Sienna was surprised to discover among his papers and insurance policy he'd taken out at the time of their marriage that made her the beneficiary of a substantial pay-off in case of accidental death.


She contacted the company, and after due diligence, received a check for $1,3 million. Sienna knew that Kevin's first wife and her sons were coping, but the boys would soon be going to college...

Sienna sat down and wrote out a check for $250,000 and sent it to Kevin's first wife, Gail. She wrote an accompanying note explaining that she had decided to share the insurance money to help with the boys' education.

The last time Sienna had seen her stepsons had been at the funeral.

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But she never heard back from Gail, not even a thank you note. As for Fred and Lyam had always disliked her and believed their mother's story that she'd 'stolen' their father.

When the twins had been born, two years after the wedding, Lyam and Fred had been angry and jealous and felt that Kevin was substituting them, just like he'd substituted their mother with Sienna.

Kevin had been patient and loving, and shortly before his death, it had seemed as if the boys were starting to come around. They had even joined them on a family vacation in Hawaii.

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It had been one of the happiest times for them all, but when Kevin passed away eight months later, the two older boys pulled away. The last time Sienna had seen her stepsons had been at the funeral. They never even called their little half-brother and sister.

Kevin's sisters had been supportive and constantly present in Sienna's and the children's lives. When Kevin's oldest niece, Kelly, started college, Sienna did what she knew Kevin would have wanted: she gave Kelly a check for $30,000 to help with tuition.

Kelly excitedly told her cousins, Fred and Lyam, who were also in their first years of college, about Sienna's loving gesture, but their reaction wasn't what she had expected. The boys were furious and asked where Sienna had got the money.


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The next day, Sienna was busy at work when she received an unexpected phone call. A cold voice said: "Sienna? It's Fred. I'm calling about the money, dad's money."


"Fred!" Sienna said, "How are you? Dad's money? But...We sorted all that out four years ago...with your mother and the lawyer?"

"Don't play dumb, you gold digger!" cried Fred angrily. "I know you received money from dad's insurance!"

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Sienna was stunned. "Yes, I did, Fred. I was the sole beneficiary of the policy..."

"And you didn't think dad wanted you to help us? Lyam and I have taken out huge loans to pay for college!"

Sienna said: "Fred, I want you and Lyam to meet me here at my office. I want to sort this out right now."

Within an hour, Fred and Lyam were sitting in Sienna's office, looking angry. Sienna said quietly, "I think there are some misunderstandings here."

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"Right!" sneered Lyam, "You rob us blind, and we didn't know it!"

Sienna shook her head. "No, Lyam, you are wrong. When your father died, I had to sell the house, and your mother received over $180,000, which was yours and Fred's."

"Well, that's gone!" Fred said, "We had to live, you know!"

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Sienna snapped: "So did I! I invested my children's share in a business, and I work!"

Lyam hastily stepped in. "Look, this is about the insurance money you've been spreading around. You give money to Kelly and not to us?"

Sienna was stunned. "What do you mean, not to you?"

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Fred was growing angrier. "That's pretty clear, isn't it, you greedy thief! You took my father's insurance and kept it all to yourself! We are taking you to court!"

Sienna was dead white. "I see. Yes. I think I see." Sienna got up and opened a filing cabinet, and drew out an envelope. "This is a photocopy of the check and the note I sent your mother three years ago."

She handed it to Fred. "As you can see, it is in the amount of $250,000, which I thought very generous since I didn't have to give you a cent. Attached you will see the declaration from the bank proving your mother made the withdrawal."

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Fred and Lyam were speechless, staring at the documents. Sienna got up. "Ask your mother where your money is. As for me, I'm not giving you another red cent."

Fred stammered, "Sienna, we didn't know..."

"You knew enough to come in here demanding money, insulting me. I would have helped you both out of love for your father, but you don't care about your brother and sister, all you care about is money. Get out."

The boys left, and Sienna sat at her desk and cried. It had been hard to say no to them, especially since Lyam looked so much like Kevin. She could afford to help... What would Kevin have wanted? Had she made the right decision?


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