9-Year-Old Indiana Boy Returns $5,000 He Found in Recently-Purchased SUV to the Previous Owners

Jené Liebenberg
May 30, 2021
02:00 A.M.

Landon Melvin received a generous reward for returning a large amount of money he found while cleaning out his family's newly bought SUV. Read on to see how the 9-year-old found the cash.


Landon Melvin, a 9-year-old boy from Indiana, is officially $1000 richer. The young boy was rewarded after finding $5000 in an envelope under the floorboard of his family's recently-purchased car and returning the cash to the previous owners.

Landon was instructed to clean out the family's vehicle when he hit the jackpot, finding the envelope with the cash. But the young boy immediately went to his dad so that they could find the rightful owners of the money.

Man with twenty dollar bills in his hand. | Pexels/ burst

Man with twenty dollar bills in his hand. | Pexels/ burst


The 9-year-old's father wasn't particularly bothered when his son came to him saying that he had discovered something in their new car, thinking that it must have been paperwork of some sort. The dad said:


"I'm like 'you found something, OK.' He says, 'No, Dad I really did.' I walk over. I see it. I reach down. I say, you know, 'what is this?' And, I'm thinking it's probably paperwork of some sort."

When Landon showed his dad that he had come across the hefty sum of money, he paid closer attention. The father and son then made an effort to track down the car's previous owners to get the money to them.



Landon and his father found the family in South Carolina and returned the money to them. The surprised couple only accepted the money on one condition: Landon receives a $1000 of the money as a reward for his honesty.

Santos only realized that he misplaced the $8000 when the police phoned him asking if he was missing cash.

The previous owners of the SUV used the car to drive down to Florida for a cruise in 2019 and thought they had misplaced the money because they couldn't find it, that is until the 9-year-old discovered it for them.



Another young man in Alberquque also showcased his honesty when he came across a large money bag at a local ATM. Jose Nuñez Romaniz wanted to withdraw cash when he saw a bag that contained $135 000 lying next to the machine.

19-year-old Romaniz, a student studying criminal justice at Central New Mexico Community College, immediately dialed 911 so that the police could come to the scene. The teenager was shocked by the incident saying:

“When I first saw it, I kind of stared at it for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. I was very shocked. I’ve never seen so much money.”



7-year-old Aiden Wright also joined the ranks of honest kids when he went down the slide while playing in a park in Salem, Massachusetts, and found $8000 in a chequebook when he reached the bottom.

The young boy immediately took the cash to his uncle, Danny Wright, who was watching him, and the two of them went to the police station to hand in the money.


The authorities were able to track down the rightful owner of the money, Elias Santos, a contractor. He was playing at the park with his children when he dropped the money without notice, leaving the park without the cash in his back pocket.

Santos only realized that he misplaced the $8000 when the police phoned him, asking if he was missing cash. The contractor was thankful for Aiden's honesty rewarding him with $100.

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