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Daily Joke: A Policeman Stops a Ferrari Driven by a Teenager

Rebelander Basilan
May 30, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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One day, a policeman stopped a Ferrari that was speeding. When he looked through the window, he saw a rebellious-looking teenager annoying him.


The policeman decided he's going to teach the spoiled kid a lesson. In the middle of the floor, he drew a circle with chalk. Next, he ordered the driver out of the car and to stand in the circle.

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According to the police, if he saw the teenager step out, he would arrest him. The latter sighed and said, "Sure. Got it. Thanks." After that, he stepped into the center of the circle

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With a stick in hand, the policeman started smashing the front window of the teenager's car. Turning around, he looked at his reaction. However, the teen was just smirking and not at all bothered by what he had done.

"Oh, you find that funny, don't you? Watch this!" shouted the angry police officer. After breaking the back window, he continued to smash the front window. When he turned around, he found that the teen was still smirking.

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The policeman was furious and went to work. Two minutes later, the car had been wrecked. Turning around, he saw the teenager trying to hold back laughter. This only made him angrier.

The police officer then asked the teen if he was crazy and what was funny. While laughing, the teenager looked up at the police officer and said, "I got outside the circle four times while you weren't looking."

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Have you laughed at that joke? Here's another one that will make your day even better. This time, the police officer stopped a married couple for the same offense — speeding.

One sunny afternoon, the policeman stopped a car driven by a married couple. There was a verbal exchange between the officer and the man who wanted to understand what was going on.

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According to the officer, the driver was speeding in a 55 mph zone at over 75 mph. Since he had just driven at 65 mph, the man insisted that the police officer wasn't right.

However, his wife reported that he was traveling at 80 mph. The man shook his head in disbelief. Following that, the officer informed the man that he will also get a ticket for a broken taillight.

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He claimed he was unaware of a broken tail light, but his wife informed the officer that he had known about it for weeks. A dirty look crossed the husband's face as he turned to look at his wife.

Furthermore, the officer informed the man that he would have to pay a fine because he had not worn his seatbelt. He explained that he had taken it off when he saw him walking towards his car.

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The wife told the officer, however, that her husband does not always wear a seatbelt. After being irritated by his wife, the man ordered her to stop talking. The officer then looked at the woman.

He asked her if her husband did that to her all the time. The woman then turned to gaze at her husband. After that, she explained to the policeman that it only happens if he's drunk.

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