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Man Brings Side Chick Home When His Wife Is Asleep, but Gets What He Deserves – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
May 31, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Claudia always thought her husband was a faithful man until he brought his mistress to their home while she was asleep.


Claudia's husband, David, was an attractive and fit young man with a history of being a playboy. However, he vowed to change when he met Claudia and showed his fidelity during their five-year courtship. After getting married, the couple moved into a small but cozy Manhattan apartment.

Although Claudia loved and trusted her husband, her friends did not. They never spoke ill of David to Claudia but instead told her not to turn a blind eye. Since Claudia's work involved a lot of traveling, her friend Misha would tease, "when the cat's away, the mouse will play."

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During their second year of marriage, Claudia had a five-day business trip to Arizona. While she was away, she and her husband would stay updated, but as Misha predicted, David played around while Claudia was gone as he had been for several months in the past.

The day before her return, David invited his mistress for an intimate dinner in their home. When the doorbell rang, David ran to answer it, expecting his other woman, Katrina, but to his surprise, Claudia stood before him. Shocked, David closed the door in her face. "David? What the hell! Open the door," she said.


"Hold on, honey," he said while panicking. "You're early. I had a surprise for you." When David finally let Claudia in, she was surprised to see a beautiful setup and a candle-lit dinner. "Did you make all this?" she said excitedly. "Wait, how did you know I was coming home early?"

David then lied and claimed that his wife told him about the early flight. Since she was so tired, Claudia believed that she probably forgot about the conversation because of stress at work. David requested Claudia to put on her best evening dress for dinner, to which she complied.

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Meanwhile, David was contemplating canceling the date with Katrina, but by the time he pulled out his phone, she was already on the way. Embarrassed to cancel, the man just thought of another plan. He quickly went to their medicine cabinet, grabbed two sleeping pills, crushed them, and mixed it in his wife's drink.

When Claudia came back in a gorgeous red midi dress, her husband proposed a toast to their marriage and requested that they start the evening by drinking the entire glass. In a few minutes, Claudia was knocked out in their bedroom. When Katrina came, everything was back on plan.

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Katrina and David's date went well until she noticed a lipstick mark on her drink. "Was someone here?" she asked David, to which he denied. "Really? Then why is there a lipstick mark on my glass?" Katrina continued.

She stood up and went for the bedroom door while David tried to stop her, but it was too late. She saw Claudia passed out on the bed, and before she could react, David explained, "Please, don't get mad. She's my wife, but we are not on good terms." Katrina left without a word, still shocked that the man she was seeing was married.

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The following day, Claudia woke up and completely forgot what had happened. Her husband had already left for work when the doorbell rang. Katrina stood at the door, told Claudia the whole story, and apologized, noting that she was not aware David was married.

Before leaving, she handed Claudia an envelope and said, "this has more than enough proof that your husband has been cheating on you, should you file for divorce. He won't walk away with any of your money." Claudia was surprised and took the time to take it all in, but she wasn't stupid.

When David came home that day, several luggages were waiting outside their door. On top of it was an envelope with divorce papers inside with photos of David and Katrina. He banged on the door, yelling Claudia's name, but it was too late, and Claudia had already moved out.


What can we learn from David's story?

The truth will find its way out, no matter how much you try to conceal it.

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