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Husband Tries to Compromise His Wife before Their Divorce, but Karma Punishes Him – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
May 27, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Isabel thought she was married to the perfect man, Liam. After all, he provided her with a comfortable life, but little did she know that he was not faithful.


Isabel was a spoiled wife and well-loved by her husband. All she had to do was ask, and the following day, her luxurious requests came true with no questions asked -- bags, cars, gadgets, and everything else.

Liam was a businessman and the owner of a hotel a half-hour drive from their residence. He was a busy man and had other business ventures on the side, so he was out of the house during the day. Nevertheless, his wife was complacent that Liam was doing everything for their future.

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One day, Isabel had a serious conversation with her husband about growing their family. “I think it’s time we had a child. I know I already have everything, but motherhood has always been a dream for me,” she said. Liam was silent for a moment and showed hesitation upon his wife’s request.

However, he agreed, and soon, they welcomed their firstborn, Julian. It was a beautiful first few months for the happy family as they were mesmerized by a tiny human in their home. As usual, Liam was out nearly the entire day to grow his business, while Isabel fully embraced the responsibilities of being a mom.

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Everything went well until Isabel realized that her husband was missing out on the significant stages of their child’s development, such as his first crawl, walk, and word. Although she knew her husband was working for their family, she felt that their son should be a priority.

One evening, she talked to Liam and asked him to be more present in his son’s life, to which he said “yes.” Sadly, nothing changed, and he continued to be an absent father. As time passed, the situation worsened. Liam arrived home later and would sometimes smell like alcohol, which Isabel noticed.

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She shrugged it off, thinking her husband had to take out clients. However, when Liam came home drunk one evening, Isabel saw a red mark on his neck -- it was a lipstick stain that had been wiped off. Although unsure, Isabel became suspicious of her husband and began to watch his every move.

By the time Julian was three years old, he barely recognized his father’s face as he was never at home. This made Isabel even more upset and moved her to confront Liam. “Why are you never home? What other businesses are you running that need you until midnight?” she asked.

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Liam remained quiet, but Isabel saw the hesitation in his eyes like he had just been caught doing something terrible. It was then that she began speculating about her husband’s possible infidelity. One day, Isabel left Julian with her parents and decided to follow her husband to work until the evening.

What she found surprised her. By 6:00 pm, Liam left work and headed towards a strip club to meet different women. He would then take some women to his hotel, and beyond that, Isabel didn’t even want to imagine. She spied on her husband for an entire week, and every night, the same thing happened.

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Finally, she had enough proof and asked for a divorce. Liam denied her allegations, but Isabel no longer believed his lies. Later that day, Liam hired a man to seduce his wife, knowing that she would take half his riches if the blame were on him. However, if she were the one doing him wrong, she would leave with nothing.

When the hired man, James, orchestrated their meeting with Isabel, he knocked on her door pretending to have her mail accidentally placed on his mailbox. Immediately, he recognized Isabel as the woman who defended him from a racist man on the subway a year ago. At that point, James knew he had to do right by her.

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James ended up telling Isabel that her husband hired him to seduce her. Although shocked, Isabel believed the man and thanked him for being honest. In return, the man thanked Isabel for standing up for him a year ago as no one had ever done that in the past.

The day came when Liam and Isabel had to battle it out in court. Liam came in confident that James would testify against Isabel for cheating, but instead, he showed evidence that James hired him to frame the woman.

What can we learn from Isabel and Liam's story?

1. Be faithful to your wife. The truth will always find its way out, and the outcome won't be good.


2. Be accountable for your actions. Liam was already caught, yet he still tried to turn the blame on Isabel.

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Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental in this fictional story.