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Daily Joke: Elderly Gentleman on a Moped Stops near a Guy in a Lamborghini

Lois Oladejo
Jun 03, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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A confident Lamborghini owner was surprised to see a moped that was faster than his car. Unknown to him, the moped rider had his suspenders attached to the Lamborghini's rear mirror. 


Guy was driving down the road in his new Lamborghini when he stopped at the red light next to an older man riding on a moped.

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The older man looked towards Guy and commented on the sleek Lamborghini. He said the car looked fast and described it as "a pretty spiffy looking car," to which the young man nodded in affirmation.

A yellow Lamborghini. | Photo: Pexels


The older man took a better look at the car, this time focusing on the interior. He looked at Guy and noted that the Lamborghini looked luxurious on the inside too.

Almost immediately, the red light changed, prompting Guy to end his conversation with the older man. He was, however, hell-bent on proving how fast the car was.

The interior of a Lamborghini car. | Photo: Pexels


Guy floored his car and started driving at 110 on the highway, leaving time. He stared at his rear mirror only to see a moving object that appeared to be getting closer.

Soon the object flies by, passing his side, but because of how fast it was, Guy was unsure who it was, but from where he was, it looked like the older man on the moped.

A vehicle speedometer | Photo: Pixabay


He then saw something approaching him from the front. It got closer and closer and soon streaked by him before going the other way. This time, he confirmed it was the older man on the moped.

The guy continued driving but soon saw the older man approaching from behind again. He came closer and closer until he hit the back of the Lamborghini.

Man riding a moped. | Photo: Pexels


Guy quickly pulled the brakes, got down from the car, and ran to see the older man and the wrecked moped both sprawled on the floor behind the car.

Guy looked at the older man and exclaimed that the moped is the fastest thing he had ever seen. Guy further asked the older man if he wanted an ambulance and anything he could do to help. The injured older man whispered in response:

"Yeah. Unhook my suspenders from your side mirror."

Man riding a moped with full speed. | Photo: Pexels

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