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Daily Joke: A Young Man Buys a Brand-New Car for $500,000

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 24, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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A young man bought an expensive new car, and he took it for a ride. He met an old man and decided to flaunt his car's abilities, but the old man had some tricks up his sleeves.


A young man decided to give himself a treat and get the best car available: a brand-new Ferrari 550. Aside from being a breathtaking ride, It was also the most expensive car in the world, and it cost him an eye-popping $500,000.

He took his new toy out for a spin and stopped for a red light. An old man of about 75 years pulled up next to him and looked at his shiny new car. The old man asked him what kind of car it was.

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With a tone of pride, the young man replied that it was a Ferrari 550 and It cost him half a million dollars. Amazed, the old man remarked that it cost a lot and asked why the price was so high.

The satisfied young man noted that his new ride could do up to 320 miles an hour. The old nodded in satisfaction and asked if he could look inside, and the young owner obliged.

Photo of an elderly man sitting in his car | Photo: Pexels


The 75-year-old man poked his head in the window and looked around. After viewing the interior, he returned to his seat. He remarked that the car was quite nice, but he would still be with his moped.

While they were talking, the light changed, and the young driver decided to show the old man how magical his car could be. He drove it, and within 30 seconds, the speedometer read 160 mph.

Photo of blue Ferrari parked by the road | Photo: Pexels


Suddenly, he observed a dot in his rearview mirror, and it kept getting close to him. He paused a bit to observe further, and suddenly, the car drove past him at high speed.

He thought to himself, what could be faster than his Ferrari. He floored the accelerator and took his ride up to 250mph, and in front of him, he saw the old man on the moped.

Photo of an elderly man driving | Photo: Pexels


Shocked at what happened, he got more competitive and took up to 275 mph. He felt good with himself until he looked in his mirror and saw the old man getting close to him, so he took his Ferrari all the way to 320 mph.

A few seconds later, he saw the moped bearing down on him again. His Ferrari was flat out, and there's nothing more he could do. 

Photo of a red Ferrari | Photo: Pexels


Suddenly, the moped slammed into the back of his Ferrari, completely destroying it. The young man rose to his feet; the old man, amazingly, was still alive.

He rushed to the tired old man and said, "Oh, my goodness! Is there anything else I can help you with?" The old man, with a smile, said calmly, "Unhook... my... suspenders... from... your... side-view... mirror."

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