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Virginia Woman Only Saw Her Newborn For a Couple Of Seconds as She Died Hours after Giving Birth

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 04, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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A Virginia mom has lost her life hours after giving birth to her second child and could only see her child for about 10 seconds. Health practitioners relayed that her death was a rare occurrence. 


Eli Burr and her spouse, Shawn Burr prepared for the birth of their baby boy for nine months in happiness; however, the story turned tragic after Eli went into labor.

Following childbirth, Eli, an elementary teacher, went into shock, and within 36 hours, she was no more. Now her spouse is left with their infant, Maddox, and a two-year-old daughter.

A photo of a pregnant woman in the hospital | Photo: Shutterstock


Speaking about the heart-rending incident, Shawn noted that his wife saw their son for only 10 seconds. Eli experienced complications when doctors discovered that she had an amniotic fluid embolism.

The situation also affected her newborn son, and the baby was in NICU for one week. According to health experts, the condition which killed Eli was a rare occurrence.



Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE) is said to occur in one amid 40,000 delivery cases. This happens when the baby's amniotic fluid enters the mother's bloodstream, resulting in a fatal situation.

Last year, another mom, Erika Becerra, lost her life days after giving birth due to the novel coronavirus.



Shawn has been filled with bittersweet feelings as he now takes care of his baby son while grieving his wife's passing. The single father relayed that he needed to stay strong for his kids.

Eli's friend, Kasey Brooks, struggled to fight back the tears as she described her as someone full of life and selfless in all her acts. The couple's home in Kempsville has since been filled with toys and monuments honoring the late mother. 



Last year, another mom, Erika Becerra, lost her life days after giving birth due to the coronavirus. Becerra was said to have caught the virus in the eighth month of her pregnancy.

However, a few days later, she experienced discomfort, her body ached, and she could not breathe properly. In no time, she was rushed to the emergency section of the hospital.


Becerra gave birth to a healthy baby, but her own health was deteriorating fast. She was placed on a ventilator, but the pressure on her respiratory organ was too much, and she later died. 

The same tragic fate befell Sonya Harlow, a mom-of-ten from Texas. Harlow was said to have prayed for a baby girl for years. She gave birth to the eleventh child in the family, and it turned out to be a girl.

However, Harlow did not leave to bask in her joy. Eleven days after having her beloved baby girl. She was said to have died from complications that were imminent since she became pregnant.


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