Journalism Is the Best Work for Geminis – Learn about the Best Careers for All Zodiac Signs

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 04, 2021
10:20 P.M.

Zodiac signs are marked by their distinguished personalities, which also dictates their choices of partners and the careers in which they are bound to thrive.


Over the last few decades, more research has been carried out concerning zodiac signs and their traits, and the results have been mind-blowing and enlightening.

Astrologer Sasha Fenton recently explained specific careers that will suit some star signs in a new book titled "The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home, and Happiness." Here are some findings.

Zodiac signs in a circle. | Source: Shutterstock

Zodiac signs in a circle. | Source: Shutterstock


Aries thrive more when surrounded by many people and will be well suited in a career that offers them a lot of interaction with others to exercise their social muscles.

Arians are attracted to public services such as the police force, emergency services, or a job that involves teaching or training others and showing leadership qualities. Arians want to know people.


Another industry where their talent can be used is the automobile industry due to their natural love for grasping anything mechanical. In addition, Arians love to work in an engaging environment.


Working as a makeup artist or a designer is a perfect fit for this sign. The Taurus sign is attracted to creativity. Their love for artistry could take them into being a chef or a builder.


This star gets bored quickly and cannot stand a job where processes are repeated. However, they will thrive in a work environment that offers much dynamism, such as an office with regular phone calls and clients.


Geminis also love a job that would keep them moving from one place to another and feed their curiosity and hunger for adventure. They love to work with a sense of freedom and thrive in situations that make them feel needed.

Illustration of the Gemini twins. | Pixabay/ Darkmoon_Art

Illustration of the Gemini twins. | Pixabay/ Darkmoon_Art


Everyone knows cancers to be very emotional and smart. They don't get perturbed by events at the workplace as long as their home is intact, but they enjoy working in a busy and friendly climate.

Cancers love to meet people and would do well in a public service role or own a shop where they can frequently interact with customers. Cancers also like to feel in control, so being an entrepreneur is a good choice.



Aquarius sign is a smart and analytical one. Such people would thrive in a situation that helps them put their intelligence to good use, such as being an inventor or an astrologer.

The Water-Carrier of the Aquarius Sign | Photo: Getty Images

The Water-Carrier of the Aquarius Sign | Photo: Getty Images


Pisces are known to be fun-loving and often described as the life of the party. A career as a musician will be the best way to dispense some of the creative magic locked up in them.


Capricorns care a lot about status and prestige more than excitement. A career as a banker or a publisher would fit this sign as they thrive in a calm, organized environment.

Illustration of Pisces. | Pixabay/ Darkmoon_Art

Illustration of Pisces. | Pixabay/ Darkmoon_Art


Sagittarians are often attracted to the thought of meeting people, traveling, and showing off their skills. They have an eye for gossip and won't mind being the ones to disperse information.


This zodiac sign loves to think they are doing something really serious and effective and would love a role with a strong influence but might not be in the spotlight.

An illustration of the Zodiac sign for Scorpio | Photo: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann

An illustration of the Zodiac sign for Scorpio | Photo: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann


A career in recruitment or as a liaison officer is a good fit for this star sign, but their love of giving good advice means a career in the legal profession might be attractive since they love to be logical.

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