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Kindergarten Teacher Forces Children to Steal Money from Their Parents — Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 08, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Sam and Paige noticed that someone was stealing money from their home nearly every day. They put a modern security system in the house, but it did not help. They even suspected that it was not a person stealing the money and asked a priest to bless their house again. But all in vain. When they identified the real cause, they were shocked.


Sam and Paige, a young married couple, are parents to a beautiful four-year-old named Jenny. As the only child, Jenny’s parents made sure that she only received the best of everything, including her education.

The couple trusted her preschool to pay for an extra two-hour daycare at the institution while still working. Then after office, the proud parents would pick their little one up to go home.

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Sam and Paige were not wealthy, but they worked hard to provide for their daughter. However, they began to notice money disappearing from their moneybox. Knowing that they were out most of the day, the couple decided to install a modern security system.

The device would alarm them when intruders came and had a CCTV camera located in all entrance points. Still, small increments of cash would disappear periodically. Knowing that only a few bills were taken, Sam suggested she and her husband solve it alone.

For weeks, the mystery remained and kept the couple up at night. At one point, they even suspected that it was not a person stealing the money and asked a priest to bless their house again.


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Still, nothing changed, and the money disappeared. Eventually, Paige involved the police in the matter. When the authorities inspected their home, they found small fingerprints on the money box. Upon further investigation, they learned that the prints belonged to Jenny.


The young couple was surprised as they repeatedly asked their child if she was the one taking the money, to which she would confidently answer “no.” However, when the policeman questioned the child, Jenny got scared and told the truth.

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It turned out that her kindergarten teacher, Miss Hicks, asked her to bring money to class for more playtime secretly. The condition was, the more money she got, the more time she had to play.

The police also learned that Jenny’s other classmates were doing the same. According to the child, Miss Hicks told the class not to tell their parents about the money. Otherwise, they would be very upset, get sick, and die.

Sam and Paige were surprised to hear the findings and could not believe their ears. They have known Miss Hicks to be a wonderful woman and a beloved teacher who students loved.

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The following day, the couple went to school with the police and a few other parents. After a lengthy interrogation, Miss Hicks pleaded guilty to manipulating her students into stealing money.

The woman continuously apologized and claimed she had no other choice because her father was ill and needed a lot of money for medicines and medical treatment. As the only daughter, she felt obligated to do everything for her dad’s survival.

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Miss Hicks was immediately fired from the kindergarten and was detained while awaiting trial. However, after confirming that her story was true, a GoFundMe page was set up for her father.

The children in her class have since learned a valuable life lesson. So much so that they probably would never pick up anything that does not belong to them.

What did you learn from this story?

1. It is wrong to steal, no matter the reason.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because there are many kind and willing people.


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