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Daily Joke: A Farmer Heads to the Bank to Ask for a Loan

Lois Oladejo
Jun 07, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A farmer needed a loan to plant his annual crop of peanuts. With nowhere else to go, he went to the bank to request a loan but was devastated by the response he got.


With the economy struggling, it was getting increasingly difficult for individuals and companies to secure loans for their personal needs or businesses.

A local farmer also needed a bank loan to lay his annual peanut crops. Despite the odds stacked against him getting a loan from the bank, he went there anyway.

A farmer looking at the vast farm. | Photo: Pixabay


When he arrived at the bank, he explained his predicament to them and expressed his need to buy seeds to have a rich harvest. However, the bank refused his request for a loan.

They apologized to him and told him many farmers had requested loans for their peanut crops. However, the bank felt peanut crops were doing poorly and were unwilling to give out loans to those who wanted to plant them.

An elderly man at a ranch. | Photo: Pexels


Yet, the bank offered to give the man a loan if he was willing to plant other crops. They recommended that he should plant sunflowers.

The farmer was devastated by the suggestion. With no other option, he agreed to plant sunflowers. He said he was willing to do anything to get a loan and plant some seeds in the ground.


When the harvest time approached, another farmer asked the farmer how his experiment with sunflowers turned out. The farmer admitted that everything went well.


He further revealed that he was expecting to pay back the loan he received from the bank. The man also said he was ready to put money away for the winter. Finally, he said, "Possibly, I will have money left over for next year's peanuts!"

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