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Find Out the Spirit Animal That Matches Your Zodiac Sign — From Dolphins to Elephants

Gaone Pule
Jun 08, 2021
11:40 P.M.
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If you have no idea what spirit animal matches your zodiac sign is then look no further as we have compiled for the star signs below and find out what kind of animal you are according to your zodiac sign.


According to Animalwised, many people consult their zodiac signs for different reasons in their lives. The proposed qualities and beliefs of each star sign are represented in more ways than one.

Zodiac signs and animals are closely related because some star signs do represent animals. Each animal symbolizes the characteristics associated with a particular star sign.

An illustration of an Aquarius star sign | Source: Pixabay


Aquarius – Owl

Aquarius is a kind-hearted and charitable sign known as being both independent and unpredictable. It is associated with radical and creative people who make their own choices.

They are regarded as brilliant even though there are different types, and at times their intelligence can become an obstacle. The air sign fits flawlessly with owls, who are both shy and extroverted at the same time.

An illustration of a Pisces star sign | Source: Pixabay


Pisces – Dolphin

Pisces stands out for their empathetic, modest, and emotional behavior. The people under this sign are reserved and sometimes indecisive. Influences can carry them away as changeable as the ocean's tide.

This water sign cannot have any animal other than the dolphin, a beautiful and sensitive mammal. It is a profound sign.

An illustration of an Aries star sign | Source: Pixabay


Aries – Lynx

Aries is a sign of certainty, blunt and impulse. They are usually people with a lack of patience but nonetlheles they are intelligent.

They also happen to love their freedom. This fire sign, without a doubt, represents a lynx, which is regarded as exotic and wild.  

An illustration of a Taurus star sign | Source: Pixabay


Taurus – Horse

A Taurus is tolerant, trustworthy, and holds strong values. It is a sign filled with opinions that represents the strength of will and honesty in all facets.

However, this self-confident star sign can also represent stubbornness. The earth sign is undoubtedly a horse – both loyal and robust, but not always willing to listen to others.

An illustration of a Gemini star sign | Source: Pixabay


Gemini – Chameleon

Gemini stands out for being the most easygoing and multitalented sign. It can change and evolve. They are imaginative, rational, and spontaneous people who are somewhat curious.

The Gemini zodiac animal sign is known as the chameleon. This air sign presents itself to be both incomparable and mysterious.

An illustration of a Cancer star sign | Source: Pixabay


Cancer – Otter

Cancer is a distinctive, protective, compassionate, and fragile sign. It stands out for being considerate and vigilant, but at the same time, receptive and petulant.

People under this sign adore their family and friends, who they will not hesitate to defend. This water sign is an otter, protective and quiet in turns.

An illustration of a Leo star sign | Source: Pixabay


Leo – Lion

Leo is an exceptional sign, full of vigor and strength. It is a formidable and enthusiastic sign, which is usually anxious and has fixed ideas.

This fire sign is represented by a lion, a remarkable born leader. Leo is the only zodiac animal on the list, which is the same as its star sign.

An illustration of a Virgo star sign | Source: Pixabay


Virgo – Elephant

Virgo is a meticulous, modest, selective, and apprehensive sign. They are practical and very active people, with an orderly mind. They are both complex and straightforward.

This earth sign defines elephants perfectly. They are intelligent and sensitive animals. You are likely to make wise decisions like the elephant.

An illustration of a Libra star sign | Source: Pixabay


Libra – Fox

Libra is an attractive harmonious sign, always in touch with life and nature. It is a romantic and idealistic sign, although sometimes variable and subject to different influences.

This air sign is represented by the fox, an intelligent beauty, and attached to its surroundings. They are also mischievous and sometimes loners, although they can also be part of a pack.

An illustration of a Scorpio star sign | Source: Pixabay


Scorpio – Penguin

Scorpio is an intense, passionate star sign with a clear purpose. They are energetic, jealous, and somewhat obstinate in most circumstances.

This water sign is represented by a penguin, always painful, loyal, and close to their partner, who will protect them no matter what.

An illustration of a Sagittarius star sign | Source: Pixabay


Sagittarius – Hummingbird

Sagittarius is an open, adaptable, and formal sign. Although, at times, they can be restless and blindly optimistic, they denote freedom and joy.

This fire sign represents a hummingbird, usually it is known for being nervous, beautiful, and nearly impossible to cage.

An illustration of a Capricorn star sign | Source: Pixabay

Capricorn – Crow

Capricorn is a sensible and bold sign. They do not usually do things out of their comfort zone because they are very disciplined and reliable.

At times, it can be somewhat rigid or demanding. This earth sign is notably a crow, which is very intelligent and cautious.