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Daily Joke: Man Driving Train That Caused an Accident Sentenced to Death but Was Left Unharmed

Joe Akins
Jun 09, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A train driver was sentenced to death by electrocution three times after his careless driving resulted in accidents that claimed lives. However, the outcome of the electrocution left everyone surprised.


A certain man from Bulgaria drove trains for a living and enjoyed his job very much. Since he was a child, he always had the dream of driving a train. The man enjoyed making the train move as fast as possible.

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One faithful day, while driving the train carelessly, the man caused an accident. Although he made it out alive, there was one fatality. The train driver was taken to court and sentenced to death by electrocution after he was found guilty.

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On the day of the execution, the man asked for a banana as his final meal. After the driver finished the fruit, he was bound to the electric chair with straps.

The switch was turned on and a few sparks and smoke filled the atmosphere, but the man was not hurt. He was allowed to go due to a Bulgarian law that noted that a failed execution was a sign of divine intervention.

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In no time, the man began to drive the train again. Without consideration, he drove carelessly, which resulted in a crash. This time, there were two fatalities.

Again, he was sent to court and sentenced to death by electrocution. For his last meal, the driver asked for two bananas. After he was done eating, the electrocution process was the same as the first, and the driver came out unharmed.

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He was once again free to go. He got his old job back and started driving the train. As expected, the man caused yet another accident, but this time, three people were killed.

Again, he was sentenced to death by electrocution, and as usual, he asked for his last meal: three bananas. Filled with rage, the executioner did not oblige the driver's request.

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The executioner explained that he was tired of seeing the man eat bananas and walk out alive. Even though this was against the rule, he went ahead and strapped the driver into the electric chair.

The normal electrocution processes were carried out. However, the driver was still alive, and his unharmed body left the executioner perplexed.

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Noticing the look on the executioner's face, the man explained that the bananas had nothing to do with the situation. Instead, the driver said the reason he was alive was that he was a bad conductor.


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