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Incredible Achievement of Mike Wimmer Graduating High School and College at Age 12

Lois Oladejo
Jun 13, 2021
03:20 A.M.
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A preteen boy has taken the world by surprise and gone viral after he attained his high school graduation and his college degree in the space of a few months at the age of 12.


While the pandemic posed a challenge and kept people socially distanced, some people viewed it as a time to either strengthen family bonds or expand their families.

For little Mike Wimmer, the pandemic lockdown provided him with enough time to attain both high school and college education. Now he is graduating with his high school diploma and associate degree at the age of 12.

Photo of a boy wearing glasses. | Photo: Pexels


Mike made it known that after the lockdown was effected, he knew he had much time on his hands, and his love for academics drove him to keep studying for his high school education.

The youngster figured he still had enough time on his hands, so he decided to enroll for extra classes at the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. He focused on college work during the spring semester.


Mike shared that he had always been an advanced student. He recalled going to summer camp, and his teachers were amazed by his ability to do multiplication.

While the young boy relayed that he enjoyed studying, he noted that the challenge with getting higher education at his age was how many thought some curricula were too rigorous for him.

The little girl went from winning first place in two competitions to scoring a historical achievement.


The youngster stated that getting educators to foster his thirst for knowledge proved to be challenging. Mike is set to complete his high school education with a 5.45 GPA and a 4.0 GPA for college.

The preteen is a member of MENSA, a super IQ group, he is also a David and Young Scholar. Mike has kickstarted two start-up companies that would be geared toward improving social media for users.


The little boy's parents, Mark and Melissa, always knew their son had an exceptional learning ability, and they found out when he was about to be enrolled in preschool.

Mike was taken to the doctor for a medical examination. This was a required process so his parents could find out if he had any learning disability. However, the doctor surprised them by noting that Mike's IQ number exceeded his calculations.


Mike has noticed several reactions when people found out about his achievements in such a short time. He shared that a lot of people felt that he gave up his childhood or lost it.

However, he clarified that he loved playing games and enjoyed activities as much as he loved studying. His parents also attested that the tween was an "all-round kid."

A Piano tutor Felicia Feng Zhang confirmed that her 3-year-old student, Brifegtte Xie was a child prodigy. Xie's parents enrolled her in piano classes during the pandemic, and she came out a pro.

Xie has now become one of the youngest people to play piano at Carnegie Hall. The little girl went from winning first place in two competitions to scoring a historical achievement.