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Visitors to an Australian Cafe Can't Believe a Dessert Can Look So Unusual

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 13, 2021
01:10 P.M.
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An Australian Café has gone viral on social media for its amazing desserts that are shaped like burgers. One of the dessert burgers that have people raving is The Cotta.


A café in Melbourne, Australia, has people struggling to believe what they see because of their mind-boggling desserts. The café invented a special slider that isn’t what it looks like at first glance.

The Green Phoenix brunch burger from Brunswick looks like any ordinary sandwich with normal buns, a brown delicious patty, and even a side of crispy fries to round it off nicely.

A hamburger meal with fries | Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos


However, social media users who’ve visited the establishment have shared videos showing what makes the meal different. When a closer inspection is done in the clips, it’s discovered that the burger is actually a dessert!

One TikTok user showed videos of several desserts served at the café. They showed how the meals that look like burgers actually feature dark chocolate cake that is made to look like meat.

An image of the panna cotta dessert burger from the Green Phoenix Brunswick café on April 8, 2021 | Photo: Instagram/@greenphoenixbrunswick


The panna cotta also has some “coleslaw” that is actually shredded fruit. What is supposed to be “buns” is a sweet cream thickened with gelatin that was molded into the shape of a burger.

The “chips” are orange churros that were sliced thinly, and the “ketchup” is actually light berry coulis. The TikTok user even confessed that they couldn’t process what they were eating!

An image of the panna cotta dessert burger from the Green Phoenix Brunswick café on April 26, 2021 | Photo: Instagram/@lifewithriya__


An Instagram user who also patronized the Green Phoenix shared images of the unbelievable dessert on the social media platform. People couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a burger.

The social media user revealed that the burger had the texture of a panna cotta but made one feel like they were eating a burger. She also shared how the café had other brunch dishes that people should try.

A TikTok image of the panna cotta dessert burger from a video by a TikTok user from the Green Phoenix Brunswick café | Photo: TikTok/@melbfoodieee


The patron revealed that her favorite one was the Benny which was served with a chapatti. She also shared some more images of the dish she was referring to, and it was mind-blowing, with one customer saying:

"I tried a burger which is not a burger!"

An image of a woman trying out the McDonald's chili oil ice cream dessert | Photo: Twitter/@DailyMirror


Speaking about mind-blowing food and desserts, Singapore’s Burger King restaurant is selling a unique ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup. The crazy creation called “Mashed Up Fries” meal comes with French fries!

This month, a new food trend took off on TikTok, involving McDonald's ice cream topped with chili oil. The craze seems to have started in China, where the unusual dessert was sold briefly.