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Daily Joke: Man Meets His Friend Who Is Going through Hard Times

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 13, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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One day, Nathaniel walked across a downtown street. He then noticed Kevin, his old friend from high school. After so many years, he was delighted to see him again.


When Nathaniel caught the attention of Kevin, he immediately greeted him. Nathaniel noticed Kevin's sadness, which was confirmed by his friend when he shared with him that he was not doing well.

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Nathaniel was concerned and asked Kevin exactly what had happened to him that made him sad. Kevin said, "I just went bankrupt, and I don't have enough money to feed my family. I have no idea what I will do."

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"Could have been worse," Nathaniel replied calmly. "Could have been worse." After about a month, Nathaniel met his friend again in a restaurant. He asked him how things were going.

Kevin's expression was the same as when he had last seen him sad. He told Nathaniel that he is going through a terrible time. The house they lived in last night burned down, he said.

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"Could have been worse," said Nathaniel, and he went about his business with total ease. Three months later, Nathaniel had a third encounter with Kevin. He asked Kevin again about his situation.

Kevin responded that the situation had gotten significantly worse. He said he kept experiencing tragedies after tragedies. At that time, he was dealing with the breakup of his marriage.

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Nathaniel nodded his head and then smiled at Kevin optimistically, followed by his simple statement: "Could've been worse." In that instance, Kevin grabbed Nathaniel by his shoulders.

That time, Kevin is not going to let Nathaniel off so easily. In the past few months, he said they have run into one another three times, and he told him every time about the recent disaster in his life.

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Kevin said that he noticed Nathaniel always saying, "Could have been worse," every time they met. "Nathaniel, can you tell me how, in heaven's name, it could have been worse?" Kevin asked.

In the same way, Nathaniel smiled at his friend. It made Kevin even more irritated that he was acting that way. Then Nathaniel said, "Could have been worse. It could have happened to me."

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