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Body of Man Who Went Missing In Nebraska Last March Found in a Load of Coal Delivered in Texas

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 12, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Authorities recently reported a body found in a mass of coal delivery at the Riesel power plant in Texas, identified as a young man who went missing in Nebraska.


According to the McLennan County Sheriff's Office, a body was recently discovered at the coal processing section at a power plant in Riesel. Authorities identified the corpse as 25-year-old Mitchell Jackson, who went missing in Nebraska.

The body of the young man was allegedly found on a 140 coal vehicle transferred to the power plant from Wyoming. Authorities also confirmed that there is no evidence of any criminal activity.

A photo of a police line to keep people away from a scene | Photo: Shutterstock


The young man's body was seen in a device that is meant for filtering coal. After the body was found, employees at the Power - Sandy Creek Generating Station alerted authorities about the situation.

The Waco Fire Department's Tactical Rescue unit was later notified to assist in removing the body. Jackson's body was then removed and transferred to Dallas for examination.

A screenshot of the Mitchell Jackson | Photo: facebook.com/WOWT 6 News


As investigations continued, the McLennan County officials examined the area where the body was discovered but found no further evidence. The incident is stated as a questionable death.

Rockledge officials are set in finding evidence on an unidentified man who was found dead near a railway track.

A screenshot of the area where a man's body was found | Photo: twitter.com/KWTX News 10


Jackson's who was believed to have been dead for days, was found clothed and intact. Although there are no further proves of the cause of the death, the case is still under investigation as the autopsy results are pending.

In another discovery, authorities have identified the body of a man who was killed by a Florida East Coast Railway train as 48-year-old Christopher Trull. The FEC train was traveling north when it came in contact with Trull.

A screenshot of a report from Volusia Sheriff's Office | Photo: facebook.com/Volusia Sheriff's Office


According to officials, Tull was lying on the rail track before the accident. Volusia County Sheriff's Office investigated the case and found no evidence of foul play. The victim was declared dead on the spot.

Rockledge officials are set in finding evidence on an unidentified man who was found dead near a railway track. As investigations proceeds, officials went through train records in the area as they searched for plausible results.

A photo of a police car responding to a scene | Photo: Shutterstock

The body found was handed over to medical officials for examination. As the autopsy results are pending, investigations are still on to determine if authorities can find other causes of the death.


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