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Daily Joke: A Jogger Found a Brand New Tennis Ball at the Park

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 11, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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A man was out jogging one day when he discovered an abandoned tennis ball and decided to shove it in his pants. A woman driving by mistook the ball for something else!


One morning, a man went out jogging in the park and came across a brand new tennis ball that hadn’t been used. Thinking he’d like to take up tennis, the man picked it up and put it in the pocket of his shorts.

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No one was around, so he carried on with his jog without feeling guilty. As he made his way home, the man stopped at a pedestrian crossing as he waited for the traffic lights to change.

A wet tennis ball spinning mid-air | Photo: Pixabay/Bessi


A woman was driving by when the lights turned orange, and she stopped right next to the jogger. Then, turning around while waiting for the lights to change color again, she noticed the jogger.

She quickly noticed the large bulge in his tight shorts, and her eyes popped out. Then, pointing a finger towards his crotch just as he was about to run across the street, she asked what was in his pants.

A man jogging in the street while wearing shorts | Photo: Pixabay/kinkate


The driver clearly had lust in her eyes as she awaited his response. Stopping his jog for a moment, the man looked down quickly at his pants and innocently responded breathlessly:

“Tennis ball.”

A woman wearing a headscarf and sunglasses as she looks outside her car passenger window | Photo: Pixabay/Jill Wellington


Losing the lusty look on her face, the woman appeared disappointed but sympathetic to the man. The traffic lights had changed again, allowing her to drive, and before she went, she called out to him:

“I understand, that must have been very painful! I once had tennis elbow!”

A black-and-white image of an old man wearing spectacles and a hat while standing by himself | Photo: Pixabay/shauking


Here’s another joke, just for kicks! An elderly man had suffered from serious hearing problems for many years and decided to go to a doctor to get fitted with some hearing aids.

The technology allowed the old man to hear the way he used to when he was younger. After a month, the elderly man returned to his doctor for a check-up to see if the hearing aids were still working well.

An elderly man having his ears tested by a doctor | Photo: Pixabay/williamsje1


The doctor confirmed that they were working perfectly and noted that the old man’s family must be delighted that he could hear again. The old man surprised him by telling him he hadn’t told them, before adding:

“I just sit around them all day and listened to their conversations. I’ve changed my will five times!”

Just because we are nice people, we've included another joke about another man who was in the park. This guy was eating some cookies when an old lady granted him a wish!

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