Drunk Man Humiliates Cab Driver, Karma Gets Him Immediately – Story from Subscriber

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 20, 2021
01:00 A.M.

An arrogant man unfairly humiliates a taxi driver the entire ride from the bar, and discovers that Karma backlashes instantly.


Peter Wilson was out celebrating a big promotion with his buddies. They had worked their way through a dozen bars, and Peter was decidedly the worse for the wear after drinking a lot more than he should.

At 2 am he decided to call it a night and hail a taxi. He stood on the curb for a long time, until finally, he saw a taxi cruising past. "Hey!" he screamed, "HERE! Are you blind?" The taxi stopped and that was how his adventure began.

Cars parked on a city street | Source: Shutterstock

Cars parked on a city street | Source: Shutterstock

Peter yanked the taxi door open and stumbled in. The driver turned around. "Are you alright, man?"

"I'm fine, fine! What's it to you? You shut up and drive!" Peter mumbled.

"Where to?" asked the driver calmly. He was obviously experienced in dealing with people like Peter.


"Sunnyside," Peter said, "Skillman Ave..."

People in a bar | Source: Unsplash

People in a bar | Source: Unsplash

"No problem, man," said the driver, and turned on the meter. Peter leaned back in the back seat. He was feeling woozy, and more than a little sick, and when he closed his eyes, the world spun.

He heard himself groan, and the driver asked: "Are you alright, man? Want me to stop?"

"No!" Peter said crossly, "Drive, just drive!"

"Ok, man, but please...Don't throw up in my car!" the driver said.

Man drinking | Source: Pexels

Man drinking | Source: Pexels


Fortunately, it wasn't a long ride, and a few minutes later the taxi pulled up in front of a pretty brownstone, alongside a sleek convertible. "Here we are, man! That will be $22,50."

Peter hooked his wallet out of his back pocket with some difficulty. He opened it and peered in. "No money..."

"What did you say?" asked the driver.

"I haven't got any money," said Peter with drunken dignity, "So you'll just have to treat me to the ride."

A taxi cab | Source: Pexels

A taxi cab | Source: Pexels

"Are you crazy?" the driver asked, "I'll have to pay the fare out of my own pocket! I'll take you to an ATM..."

"I want to go home," Peter said, "I'm not going anywhere, and you can't make me."


"Listen, You have to pay me!" the driver said, "This ain't right, man!"

"You," said Peter, "Are a greedy pig, a greedy STUPID pig. Otherwise, you wouldn't be driving a taxi, would you? You'd have a job like mine, live in a house like mine, drive a car like mine..."

Peter could have gone to an ATM and drawn the money to pay the driver, but he refused.

Empty wallet | Source: Unsplash

Empty wallet | Source: Unsplash

"Be drunk like you?" asked the driver. "You can keep your house and your job and your car, but I want my $22,50."

"Well you're not getting it you slime!" screamed Peter, and he opened the taxi door wide with an angry jerk. Unfortunately, he slammed the edge of the door against the side of the convertible, leaving a considerable dent.


"Now you've done it!" cried the driver, getting out. "Look at this! You damaged my door, and this other car too."

Peter stumbled out. "That's MY car! My brand new car! What have you done?"

"Me?" asked the taxi driver, "There was plenty of space for you to get out, you did this!"

Police car | Source: Unsplash

Police car | Source: Unsplash

While Peter sat down on the curb, the driver called the police. When they arrived, Peter was vomiting into the gutter. He didn't look impressive at all. After the driver explained the situation to the police, an officer approached Peter.

"Excuse me, sir, please can you show me some I.D.?" Peter struggled to get to his feet, and fumbled around a bit, but managed to hand the officer his I.D. The officer looked at it.


"Mr. Wilson, this man said that you were refusing to pay your fare and hit the door of his taxi against that parked car in an attempt to get away. Is that correct?"

"He's a pig, a greedy slimy, stupid pig!" Peter said.

Man in handcuffs | Source: Pexels

Man in handcuffs | Source: Pexels

"I see," the officer said, "His car is damaged, so you'll have to activate your insurance policy..."

"He's not getting a cent," cried Peter, "Not a cent, you hear? Not $22,50, not nothing..." Peter finished by spitting at the officer and it was downhill from there.

Peter ended up spending the night in lockup at the local precinct, and the next day he had to be bailed out by one of his friends. He paid the $22,50 and a lot more besides, including the repair to the taxi and his beloved convertible.


What can we learn from this story?

1. Pay what you owe. Peter could have gone to an ATM and drawn the money to pay the driver, but he refused and ended up footing an expensive repair bill.

2. Respect other people's work. We all have different functions in society, and we are all necessary to the functioning of the whole.

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