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Photos of College Student Paying Tribute to Her Parents Working Hard in the Field Go Viral

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 20, 2021
11:30 A.M.
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A student of UC San Diego has won the hearts of millions across the world for celebrating her graduation in grand style. The young woman paid tribute to her roots with inspiring pictures about her parents' struggles.


A young lady from California is making headlines for her heartwarming tribute to her parents. Jennifer Rocha, a student of UC San Diego, marked her graduation from the university with touching photos about her upbringing.

This viral post was shared on Facebook via the university's official account. In addition to the series of emotional pictures, the 21-year-old graduate of sociology attached a lengthy message about her past.

A photo of college graduates | Photo: Shutterstock


Rocha revealed in the post that her parents, who were natives of Mexico, worked as migrant field laborers. The hardworking pair taught their daughter the importance of higher education while she was in high school.

A teenage boy from Texas was also made the headlines for his unique graduation pictures.


The best way for the 21-year-old to appreciate the importance of education was by joining her parents in the field. Rocha stated that she would work after school until the following day. In her words:

"We would plant strawberries, get off at around 2–3 am, and wake up at 5 am to get ready."


Her experiences as a fieldworker changed Rocha's life in many ways. The young woman learned the importance of pursuing higher education as well as the value of hard work.

This was why the 21-year-old continued to help her parents on the field during her time as a student at UC San Diego. Rocha also chose to mark her graduation by celebrating her inspiring roots.


The sociology major returned to the fields where her parents worked to take pictures in her graduation cap and gown. The snaps captured Rocha posing with her parents as well as them working on the field.

The 21-year-old's roots have also inspired her to pursue a career in law enforcement with her degree in sociology. Rocha reportedly confessed to sources that she hoped to increase Latino representation in that field.


Aside from the aspiring law enforcer, a teenage boy from Texas also made the headlines for his unique graduation pictures. Josiah Robles marked his acceptance to Baylor University by recreating an iconic scene from "Toy Story."

The Texas teen's mom, Roxanne, was reportedly inspired to do the shoot after seeing a similar post on Facebook. The proud mom's idea won the hearts of many with the symbolic scene from the movie.

The image showed Robles walking towards his future while holding a Baylor University flag. Behind him, the iconic toys Buzz Lightyear and Woody could be seen waving goodbye alongside the remaining "Toy Story" cast.