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26-Year-Old California Man Woke up 'a Newborn Again' after Infection Erased His Memory

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 16, 2021
06:50 P.M.
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Wesley Prosser was once an active young man until a rare brain condition left him feeling like a newborn baby. The California male was forced to spend the next four years learning the basics for survival.


There are many rare but deadly diseases globally, and a good example is the story of Wesley Prosser. The young man from Santa Rosa, California, had his memory erased by an auto-immune condition.

Prosser's unique condition began in 2017, with symptoms similar to the common cold. However, his body system only grew worse in the next six months until a friend rushed him to the hospital.

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When the young man opened his eyes again, he found himself in a state of confusion. Prosser could not recall the previous six months of his life or even how to speak and walk.

His brain had been wiped clean by a deadly condition known as encephalitis. The car salesman was forced to leave his job and restart his life at 22-years-old. Fortunately, he recovered four years later.


A family was left unable to recall the simple details about their lives after contracting the deadly coronavirus in April.

At 26-years-old, the California native has regained his basic survival skills. Prosser learned how to speak, read, write, and can now walk unaided. The survivor also has plans to marry his fiance in July.


In 2015, a woman from England was another victim of the rare encephalitis condition. The brain inflammation left Clair Bennett, a computer analyst, unable to fend for herself or recognize her loved ones.

According to Mark, her father and full-time caretaker, Claire's short-term memory had been significantly affected by encephalitis. The young woman was forced to depend on a planner to guide her day-to-day activities.

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similar situation

occurred in Bay Area back in 2020. A family was left unable to recall the simple details about their lives after contracting the deadly coronavirus in April.

The Sunnyvale father and daughter, Diego and Natalia Ruspini, had their short-term memory severely impaired. According to Bay Area doctors, this brain fog was a rare side effect of the coronavirus.


That same year, other COVID-19 survivors were plagued by brain fog. Michael Reagan forgot about his trip to Paris, then Erica Taylor, who couldn't recognize her car, and many more.

One thing the victims of this Covid brain fog had in common was the feeling of dementia. They couldn't remember all the things they once knew, which adversely impacted their ability to work.


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